Three books by Supervert: Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, Necrophilia Variations, and Perversity Think Tank
Supervert is the creator of the books Perversity Think Tank, Necrophilia Variations, and Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish. Supervert's essay Horror Panegyric was published by Savoy Books and an introduction to Venus in Furs was published by Bookkake.


Supervert is an alias — a nom de plume — a moniker for an individual — a corporation — a brand name. Supervert offers you a unique combination of intellect and deviance. Perversity for your brain. Vanguard aesthetics, novel pathologies.

Empire Creep Joint


It has become a Supervert tradition to give away a book a day for the entire month of December. Simply enter your email address for an opportunity to win a copy of Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish and a special booklet containing a previously unpublished text titled "Empire Creep Joint."

In past years, winners could choose whichever Supervert book incited their desires. But largely because of the video, Necrophilia Variations and Perversity Think Tank are out of print. To keep things interesting, last year Supervert created a booklet containing a text titled "The Unauthorized Biography of Joel-Peter Witkin." This year Supervert has created another booklet containing a sort of fable called "Empire Creep Joint." It is not for sale. It will be given exclusively to winners of the contest and to friends.

You can see what the booklet looks like on Supervert's Flickr account. You can enter the contest here. (Sorry, contest is over.)

Necrophilia Variations Is Sold Out


The print edition of Necrophilia Variations is sold out. No more orders will be accepted. There are no plans to do a second print edition. However, the Kindle edition remains available and, fuck it, here is a PDF of the entire book.

Many thanks to Clayton Cubitt and Stoya for Hysterical Literature, which caused a run on the death bank.

Interview with John Coulthart on Lord Horror: Reverbstorm


Supervert has long championed the work of Savoy Books. To mark the publication of Lord Horror: Reverbstorm, a graphic novel by David Britton and John Coulthart, Supervert interviews Coulthart about his extensive collaboration with the renegade English publisher.

Read the Interview with John Coulthart.

Perversity Think Tank Is Sold Out


Perversity Think Tank is sold out. No more orders will be accepted. At the moment a few outrageously priced collectible copies can be found on Amazon. There are no plans to do a second print edition but the PDF ebook remains available for free download.

On the bright side, somebody has posted a .mobi ebook of Necrophilia Variations to the Pirate Bay.

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