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Supervert is the creator of the books Perversity Think Tank, Necrophilia Variations, and Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish. Supervert's essay Horror Panegyric was published by Savoy Books and an introduction to Venus in Furs was published by Bookkake.

Supervert Press

"After being alternately damned and praised for equally invalid reasons, I am content to trade fame for accuracy of interpretation. Fame, for a writer, is like being a dancing bear with a little hat on your head." — Gustav Hasford

Reviews for Supervert Publications

Perversity Think Tank Reviews (2010)

Necrophilia Variations Reviews (2005)

Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish Reviews (2001)

BLAM! Reviews (1992-1998)

Kari Larsen, Imaginary Portrait of Supervert

"I have told him this, in ways, I think. I never sent him anything but thank yous. I would rather he just know how much it means, how much he means. He conflates the power of Eliot and Lowell to me. He wakes more voices than the ocean sinks... What Supervert has enabled me to mutate in the dark isolation of my imagination is the best thing I have now."

Carrie LeBlanc, Review of

" is not for the tourist pervert. It is not for the anti-intellectual, or the anti-aesthete. Perhaps that is what makes it a bit dangerous, a bit enticing, akin in a Cronenebergian kind of way to a chrome fender..."

Angela St Lawrence, Supervert Encomium

"If you don't know it by now, you should... I adore Mr. Vert. We've exchanged a few emails (not to mention links) and he is just about the most fascinating — if not THE most fascinating — presence on the Internet today."

Abel Diaz, Why I'm Obsessed with Supervert

"The clean, precise layout of [Supervert's] website is the first hint you get that you're not fucking around with just any old pervert. There's no distracting flash, bouncing tits, fountaining cocks, or nuclear winter sales tactics. There is only their uncompromising vision stripped to its intimidating black and white essence. It's like you walked into a laboratory with sterile white walls and found all the scientists strapped into glistening black BDSM equipment, kinking it up and fucking each other with beakers of strange, bubbling chemicals... Two days ago, their books Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish and Necrophilia Variations arrived in my mailbox like an act of poetic terrorism. The online photographs do them a terrible injustice. These books are fucking sexy. They're beautiful little fetish objects... Like their website, every aspect of these books seems methodical and predetermined in a way that is usually reserved for getting away with murder."

The High Weirdness Project, On PervScan

"Rather than trying to shock you with a series of fictional short stories, the maintainer of this Web site has spent at least three years compiling actual news stories from newspapers and TV about men and women (and even a few kids) who've committed some of the sickest, most vile acts of sexual depravity that could be conceived. All of the stories on this site are true — allegedly — and this alone makes this site a stranger and more shocking site than many of those juvenile 'gross-out' sites that try to upset you by showing gory pictures from accident scenes."

Dazed Digital, Overview of the Supervert Empire

"For a website — or a self-proclaimed nom de plume — dedicated to perversity, sexual deviances, and general rants on fornication, necrophilia and whatnot, looks pretty demure to the undiscerning eye. At once a blog, a hub of four linked websites, a publishing house, an art critic and a collector of weird and wonderful sex stories from across the globe, the whole surfing experience of is a jewel for those who see sexuality as more than a pair of heaving boobs and a shaved torso."

Mark Dery, Top 10 Reasons to Visit Supervert

"One-stop shopping for psychopathia sexualis!"

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