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About Supervert

The role of Satan in the choice of a pseudonym

Once upon a time there was a writer. The Devil spoke to him through a computer. "You will write about perversion, madness, and lust," said Satan. "You will use vanguard techniques in the service of novel pathologies. You will be known as Supervert."

A smell like a struck match leaked out through the computer's headphone jack. An image filled the screen. It was an upright figure with the head of a goat, the body of a man, and the wings of an eagle. Horns spiraled out of its head. It held up its right arm like a customer signaling for a check in a restaurant. Its left arm pointed down at a diagonal.

"But I already have an assumed name." The writer smacked the side of the machine with an open hand. "I am the cofounder of Necro Enema Amalgamated. I make digital art dedicated to coercion, deviance, self-mutilation, genital torture. I'm big in Japan."

"Big in Japan." Smoke curled out of Satan's nostrils. "You're no artist..."

"But I've exhibited at the Pompidou. I won an award at the Berlin Videofest. I —"

"Shut the fuck up and write, moron."

"I don't want to write. It's deranging. It's —"

"I will give you power," hissed Satan through carious teeth. "Wealth, fame, immortality."

"I don't even think about those things," the writer maintained. He figured his computer had been taken over by malware. It was probably a Russian hacker attempting to steal his identity. "For me it's all about the process. It's like occupational therapy..."

But Satan was persistent. "Write, I command you. Write." When the archfiend offered pornographic pictures of God's angels, the writer acquiesced. He could not resist the idea of seraphic pussy.

Setting aside his pursuit of digital art, the writer began to take dictation from the Evil One. Before long he had typed out a book inventing a new form of fetishism. He had copied out a text plumbing the depths of the darkest urge known to man. He had noted down Satan's meditations on the nature of sexual perversion. He had become a veritable machine for the transcription of thoughts from hell and there was no turning back.


Utilizing the motto "There are no strong words, only weak ears," Supervert joins into partnership with Swensonia to form Necro Enema Amalgamated, a Devil's Advocacy group and entrepreneurial innovator of manipulative software, coercive advertising, and subliminal semiotics.

"By night they are Necro Enema Amalgamated, the creators of BLAM!, a new CD-ROM magazine. The pair want to do for the Age of Information what the Marquis de Sade did for ideals of the Enlightenment — parody them by pushing them to extremes." — New York Magazine, June 1994


Supervert learns about art the hard way — by writing copious amounts of unappreciated art criticism.

"As soon as the floor was opened to questions, people pounced on [Supervert], blaming him for the world's surfeit of artbabble. A questioner who seemed to express a certain shared rage against critics and their obfuscating critical language led the attack, whining that a visual medium ought not to require mediation with words... The assault didn't seem to bother the cool Mr. [Supervert], who was dressed in mismatched formality, presenting what was surely a deliberate visual parody of the respectable homme de lettres..." — Southampton Press, August 1992


Necro Enema Amalgamated releases BLAM! 1, the notorious CD-ROM hailed as "Punk Rock Porn for Kids!"

"BLAM! attaches itself to you in the guise of a CD-ROM magazine, but once purchased devolves into an assault on the consumer. Fuck with me, BLAM! threatens, and I'll kill you." — Wired, May 1994


Necro Enema Amalgamated releases BLAM! 2.

"BLAM!2 — a CD-ROM that's a cross between a guerrilla art project and an online zine — is so seductive, colorful, and goddamned loud it all but obliterates the original BLAM!. It is a torture garden of earthly delights". — Wired, June 1996


Necro Enema Amalgamated releases BLAM! 3. BLAM! 3 wins design awards from ID Magazine and the Berlin Videofest.

"BLAM!3, subtitled 'the final fucking one,' is the latest and most ambitious in a series that goes so far beyond the pale, it's transparent: shock value may be the currency, but the real issue is not what you're looking at — it's how. With all the obscenities and wildly disorienting navigation, it can be hard to tell that BLAM! 3 may actually point to the future (gulp) of interface design. As industry standards simplify and homogenize our computers, BLAM!3 confronts us with the variety of alternatives we're ignoring. For its two provocateurs, this home-brew monstrosity is the execution of an emerging philosophy: user hostility." — Village Voice, February 1998


Satan appears in a vision and Supervert is officially incorporated in the state of New York.


Supervert publishes the book Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish.

"What intrigued me about the book was Supervert's seductively nasty way of showing the dark side of hopeful Carl Sagan-ite speculations about our celestial cohorts... The overarching parable of the book has to do with one of my favorite subjects: fucking. But this isn't the happy outer space fucking of Barbarella and John Varley novels. Mercury de Sade's sexual fetish for aliens finally comes down to something far more basic than sex. What he wants to do with aliens is fuck them over, hurt them, use them... Mercury de Sade isn't hoping that enlightened beings from the Crab Nebula will teach humans to live in peace. He'd rather see outer space as a version of earth: packed with abused children, desperate prostitutes, subjugated peoples, and dupes of ill-concealed manipulation." — San Francisco Bay Guardian, August 2002


Supervert launches PervScan, an early form of "sex blog" that intends to serve as a living, breathing psychopathia sexualis.

"You may be taken aback to learn that one of my favorite blogs, one I check nearly every day, is called, of all things, PervScan. But it's more complex and intellectually satisfying than you might think. PervScan is basically a compilation of bizarre sex stories drawn from the capillaries of the news-wires and gathered together, which the author, behind the nom de perversité Supervert, gives his surprisingly intelligent, perspicacious, sex-positive, slice-through-the-bullshit ideas full rein to rub casually, but with a rhythmic insistence, on, in, and around." —, May 2005


Supervert launches, the definitive online presentation of Charles Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil, and, a William S. Burroughs community.


Supervert publishes the book Necrophilia Variations, a literary monograph about death, desire, and deviance.

"This beautifully-designed black-minimalist paperback collection of chapters by Supervert 32C Inc. is, upon a second and much more thorough reading, now definitely recommended by us. How could we have missed the abundance of Black Humor in this imaginative outpouring of pure bile? We laughed dozens of times, at least. A book to fend off the darkest, dourest, most insomniac Night Thoughts..." — V. Vale, Re/Search


Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is published in Lithuanian translation as Nežemiško Sekso Fetišas.

Supervert's essay "Sadistic Introduction to a Masochistic Book" is published in the Bookkake edition of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's Venus in Furs.

Savoy Books publishes a limited edition hardcover featuring Supervert's essay, "Horror Panegyric." The "essay alone makes great, thoughtful lunchtime reading, especially if you like your scifi on the transgressive side." — Annalee Newitz,


Supervert retires PervScan and publishes its third book, Perversity Think Tank, a seminar on the concept of perversity.

"Got a gorgeous, compelling small book in the mail, once again confirming that Intelligent Minimalist Design can produce a thing of beauty with minimal $$. BE READABLE! BE BEAUTIFUL! It's titled Perversity Think Tank & is available from" V. Vale, Re/Search


Photographer and artist Clayton Cubitt creates Hysterical Literature. The first installment shows Stoya reading from Necrophilia Variations while being stimulated off-screen by a Hitachi vibrator. The video goes viral, causing Necrophilia Variations and Perversity Think Tank to go out of print.


Supervert publishes the book Post-Depravity, a vision of the near future in which perversity and normality become identical, as well as an ebook remix of Perversity Think Tank.

"It is possibly Supervert‘s most impressive book beauty to date, judging not only from the immaculate white-and-black antiseptic look of it and the heft of it — the text comes to 240 pages — but also, obviously, from the read of it." Jan Herman, Arts Journal


The Devil knows.