Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish was intended to be a real book. Reading ETSF online is like reading Ulysses on the back of a restaurant menu or Crime and Punishment on subway advertisements. It's not quite the right way to do it. You miss out on the novel structure of the book. You miss out on the design of the book, a white-on-white gloss effect that makes the thing look vaguely spermy. Even worse, you bring a web mindset to the thing. When surfing, people only skim. Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish asks to be read or perhaps even experienced.

That said, people like to have an idea what they're buying. You want sample chapters? Here they are. ETSF was written in twenty-four sets of interleaved texts, prefaced by an overview and followed by two appendices.

Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish: Table of Contents






Parable of Human Vanity

2 Most Raped Planet Ninfa XIX Plurality of Worlds Philosophy & ET Life
3 Pornodrome The Wiz Cosmos & Soul Program Exercise
4 Vagina Farm Gray Bars Exomorphology ET & Ontology
5 Tweening Underground Descartes Diary Excerpt 1
6 Sixth Sense Talking Head Locke MdS Appearance
7 Original Synesthesia Bonnie & Clyde Leibniz Parable of Contact
8 Brain Food RFP Berkeley Lunar Sexuality
9 Megasex Capitalist Pig Voltaire Diary Excerpt 2
10 Size Matters Incest as PacMan Hume Novelty of ETI
11 Part & Hole A New Laokoön Kant Parable of Exoticism
12 Rarefornication Chase Scene Hegel Diary Excerpt 3
13 Felo de Sex Moonage Daydream Schopenhauer Moonhattan
14 Sex in the Mourning Dirty Work Mill Panspermia
15 Time Whores Times Square Kierkegaard Obsession
16 Cunnilinguistics Goth Girl Pierce Diary Excerpt 4
17 Sperm Gas Free Fall Bergson Sex w.o Gravity
18 Cum Sh*t Reenactment Husserl Casa de Sade
19 University Big Brother Smell Wittgenstein Exophilia
20 Convergence Split Screen Frankfurt School Alienosophy (Part 1)
21 Fertility Terrorism Tools... Popper Alienosophy (Part 2)
22 Parthenomachy Tracking Device Sartre Exomorality
23 Goodness Gracious View from Above Barthes Sexual Style
24 Happy Face Meteor Crater Prospects Parable of Proof

Appendix 1 The Programmatic Structure of the Case History
Appendix 2 Statement by the Case Historian


Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish