This is a sample chapter from Supervert's book Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish. The book consists of sets of interleaved texts that also progress through four different sequences: Alien Sex Scenes (ASS), Methods of Deterrestrialization (MOD), Lessons in Exophilosophy (LIE), and Digressions and Tangents (DAT).

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ABSTRACT Parable of Human Vanity

Aliens, it would seem, are the rapists of the universe. Frequent are the claims that extraterrestrials come to earth, abduct human beings, molest them in a flying saucer, then return their victims to a car in the middle of a cornfield, where they gradually recover from a post-coital daze to realize that they cannot account for the last several hours of their time. But are human beings really so desirable that extraterrestrials would travel thousands of light-years in order to fuck them? Mercury de Sade threaded a CD-ROM onto each nipple of Ninfa I and, securing them in place by inserting pins through her nipples, proceeded to tell her a little parable: On earth there was once a man who claimed to have been kidnapped and raped by a beautiful alien. Everyone scoffed at his story: the man must be crazy, he must want attention or publicity, and so on. But back on the spaceship, the alien held its tongue — not for fear of being disbelieved, but for fear of being derided. In space, to fuck another species is as taboo as on the big blue marble: aliens with sexual longings for humans are no better regarded by their peers than humans with sexual longings for animals. Outside earth, the love that dare not speak its name is love of man.


Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish