This is a sample chapter from Supervert's book Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish. It is the very first text in the book.

I. Subject of the Case History

Mercury de Sade — male, Caucasian, 30 years old, unmarried, computer programmer. Affliction: exophilia, a monomania or fetishism whose object is the sexuality of extraterrestrials. Frustration of said fetishism frequently results in acts of sadism.

II. Content of the Case History

Alien Sex Scenes (ASS) — What Mercury de Sade wants. Pornographic visions of exophilia or sexual encounters between the fetishist and various extraterrestrials. Unordered series utilizing the faculty of imagination. Exploitation of aliens in fantasy.

Methods of Deterrestrialization (MOD) — What Mercury de Sade does. Narrative depicting the fetishist in the frustrated attempt to deterrestrialize or forcibly "alienate" Charlotte Goddard, a.k.a. Ninfa XIX. Ordered series utilizing the faculty of what Kant called practical reason. Exploitation of ninfas in reality.

Lessons in Exophilosophy (LIE) — What Mercury de Sade thinks. The history and analysis of exophilosophy or philosophical speculation on the nature of extraterrestrial life. Ordered series utilizing the faculty of what Kant called pure reason. Exploitation of philosophers in reason.

Digressions and Tangents (DAT) — Various commentaries, observations, and supplementary materials relating to the case history. Randomized series utilizing arbitrary faculties.

III. Organization of the Case History

The organizing premise is that set theory is optimal for the description of sexuality, particularly its pathological forms. The virgin is {}, a null set, the curly brackets invoking the lips of a vagina that has yet to be penetrated. Monogamy is a set with one member. Heterosexuality is the union of male and female sets. Bestiality is the union of human and animal sets. Necrophilia is the union of living and dead sets. Pedophilia is a subset of heterosexuality — the union of male with a subset of the female set. Homosexuality occurs when a set becomes a member of itself. Fetishism is a set whose members repeat. Exophilia is the union of human and alien sets.

Accordingly, the materials for the case history are organized utilizing methods from set theory, such that each section (ASS, MOD, LIE, DAT) is conceived as a set or sequence or series. In presentation the sets are interleaved. In content the sets display relations of order and randomness, convergence and divergence, intersection and union, reflection and redundancy. To read along the sets (e.g. MOD 01, MOD 02, MOD 03, etc.) is linear. To read across the sets (e.g. ASS 01, MOD 01, LIE 01, DAT 01, ASS 02, MOD 02, etc.) is non-linear or collage. To read as you will is arbitrary. To read like a computer is ideal. (See the appendix, "The Programmatic Structure of the Case History.")


Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish