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Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish Tribute Album by Jack Fancy

Title: Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish
Author: Supervert
Subject: Sex with Aliens
Published: 2001
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Jack Fancy is an expatriate musician and composer currently having adventures in Asia. Inspired by Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, he has created two musical compositions (so far) in a sort of tribute to Supervert's book. The music suggests various influences — to Supervert's ears, it is reminiscent of Nick Drake, the Beatles, and classic Pink Floyd. To other ears it suggests Momus and Nine Inch Nails. At the same time, there is something completely original about Jack Fancy's compositions. He combines simple instrumentation and melodic songwriting with synth-built sonic landscapes reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

You can download his first two ETSF songs in MP3 format here:

Ninfa XIX MP3 (9.5 MB)
Mercury's Fancies and the Smiley Face Blues MP3 (10.3 MB)

The lyrics are reproduced below. Note that all lyrics were penned by Jack Fancy but suggested by characters, situations, and ideas in Supervert's book.

Mercury's Fancies and the Smiley Face Blues

Music and Lyrics by Jack Fancy
Inspired by Supervert's Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish
© 2004 Jack Fancy

i've got a way, there's no telling
how far away down my spine
you wanna play, so willing
to eat from the fruits of my savage mind
and i'm taking her down, as i slip in the mouth of this eta, a pill...

i've got a head, no body
set fast to me hard down below
a puzzle of flesh, what pieces?
shall I put together to explore?
this lambda princess, "but i'm such the whore" it screamed from her sex...

i've got a word, one virgo
it's taken all day to say hello
i've learned a way, of higher thinking
i've smuggled for pi, and death will no longer result in fucking expression

i've been away romancing
a young omegan eggshell girl
she's doll and grey with no face
the lipstick's a ruse i spit away
and i'm taking her now, i feel the buildup and i finger a smiley face...

Ninfa XIX

Music and Lyrics by Jack Fancy
Inspired by Supervert's Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish
© 2004 Jack Fancy

ninfa nineteen was only sixteen
no traffic light for this tragic queen
daddies little girl
on his knee and in bed
she swallowed all her innocence
swallin his head...
it won't do if she won't do me
as a martian with a hole where her eyes should be
had a programmed mind
but i tweaked it a bit
made her lick the dust
of our own damn skin...

ninfa nineteen had no pent up need
this dull eyed shell was unloved obscene
her viloated flesh
was grotesque at best
but this darlin has the knack
to be a t.v. set...
she's not green but i don't have the means
to turn a martian trick, all i got is this teen
and i'll stomp that starving mind
in it's own due time
it's just a matter of when
when i'm sick of her kind...

ninfa nineteen was a hopeless young thief
such a pretty young girl, gonna make her bleed
jewelry and sex
like diamonds and gold
she knew what men wanted
she was forcibly told...
she showers in the secret of victoria lace
a paranoid freak to show her face
to turn men on
is a household chore
she won't know love
she's been turned into a whore...

ninfa nineteen had a moment between
her daddies cruel love and my martian scheme
the thought of romance
had led her astray
and my exophalic urge
will get in the way
i'll manipulate this lover, bound by extremes
souls of each other, but i'll rape her dreams
like bonnie and clyde
we'll steal away
but the only stolen moment
will be turning you grey...

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