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This is a sample chapter from Supervert's book Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish. The book consists of sets of interleaved texts that also progress through four different sequences: Alien Sex Scenes (ASS), Methods of Deterrestrialization (MOD), Lessons in Exophilosophy (LIE), and Digressions and Tangents (DAT).

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ABSTRACT Exophilia

Exophilia is a neologism coined by way of analogy with exobiology. Exobiology is the study (logos) of life (bios) outside (exo) earth. Similarly, exophilia is a love (philos) for that which is outside (exo) earth. In keeping with the traditional usage of the stem "philia" to indicate an abnormal passion often sexual in nature, as in pedophilia or necrophilia, exophilia should be understood as an abnormal desire for that which is outside earth — an extraterrestrial sex fetish. It is characterized by arousal in the presence of aliens or, less directly, representations of aliens. While the practitioners of other sexual deviations often reveal themselves in flagrante delicto — the pedophile groping the little girl next door, the necrophile robbing the cemetery — the exophile is rarely apprehended in the very act of satisfying his fetish. Evidently the reason for this is not the scarcity of exophiles but the lack of extraterrestrials themselves. Ironically, exophilia thus furnishes a new argument against the very existence of extraterrestrials, or at least against their visitation to earth. That is, if extraterrestrials were here, exophiles would fuck them. Consequently, the fact that exophiles are never caught in the act suggests (1) that extraterrestrials do not exist at all; (2) that extraterrestrials do not make contact with earthlings; (3) that, if extraterrestrials do make contact with humans, they invariably avoid exophiles. This last conclusion is corroborated by the fact that tabloids frequently report the rape of humans by aliens, but never the opposite — for if extraterrestrials did not avoid exophiles, the roles would be reversed. An exophile is a human who wants to rape an alien.

Because the exophile is rarely apprehended in the heat of the moment, in direct congress with a three-headed sex object from Mars, it is necessary to learn to recognize the exophile through indirect expressions of his abnormal passion. For example, an undue interest in science fiction is typical of the exophile. While in itself science fiction may be harmless, the exophile frequently fixates on certain characters or situations from novels or films. He may oblige his sexual partners to recreate, in the spirit of a psychodrama, key scenes from an episode of Star Trek. He may also, by way of compensation, develop fixations on actors or actresses associated with aliens in films: on Drew Barrymore, for her role in ET the Extraterrestrial, or Sigourney Weaver, for her admittedly erotic scenes in the Alien trilogy. Naturally, these fixations can extend beyond the world of science fiction to include real-world personalities closely associated with outer space. For example, an exophile might develop a homosexual attraction for a prominent scientist such as Carl Sagan or a famous astronaut such as Neil Armstrong. Other exophiles have performed sodomy with telescopes and incited astronomy clubs to perform group masturbation. In one notorious case, an exophiliac subject confessed to a sexual obsession with astronaut Christa McAuliffe, a schoolteacher killed in the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986. He would arouse himself with fantasies of the woman doing a striptease with her spacesuit and then watch a videotape of the seventy-three second shuttle flight, naturally timing his climactic release to the sudden bursting of the vehicle in the sky.

It cannot be overemphasized that these are all compensatory mechanisms. The exophile does not truly desire congress with rockets or astronauts but with extraterrestrials. However, precisely the seeming impossibility of this desire makes the exophile unique even among fetishists. While the devotee of feet or hair may have to plot and scheme to obtain satisfaction for his fetish, he at least has various means of recourse. After all, feet and hair are everywhere to be found, but where are there extraterrestrials? If, as psychological theory proclaims, the fetish is a substitute for normal sexual relations, such that the fetishist prefers a shoe to a vagina, the exophile must make a substitution for a substitute. That is, in the stead of a vagina, he prefers an alien orifice. However, this alien orifice being practically unobtainable, he must instead satisfy himself with a prostitute made up to look like a Martian. The exophile thus finds himself two generations away from gratification — substituting a vagina for an alien, which is itself a substitute for a vagina. How can he possibly satisfy himself? Here emerges the sadism typical of the exophile. The exophile is inevitably discontented by the way in which the basic humanity of a sexual partner asserts itself through the cheap trappings of a Martian costume and will therefore be sure to humiliate, abuse, even murder the girl. While it is commonly thought that aliens are superior to mankind, the exophile interprets this to mean that mankind is intrinsically inferior, and thus does he — the exophile — justify his every act of cruelty. It is comparable to the view that the rape victim "asked for it." Being an inferior type of being, does mankind not deserve to be maltreated? Does he not ask for it?

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