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Necrophilia Variations

Title: Necrophilia Variations
Author: Supervert
Subject: Death, Desire, and Deviance
Published: 2005
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Necrophilia Variations is a literary monograph on the erotic attraction to corpses and death. It consists of a series of texts that, like musical phrases, take up the theme and advance it by means of repetition, contrast, and variation. To love someone dead is merely nostalgia, but to make love with someone dead is necrophilia, and this book is about that.

Although a work of fiction, Necrophilia Variations uses literary means to probe the psychopathology of sexual perversion. Eros, the book asks, is naturally drawn to beauty, and yet nothing would seem to be less inherently beautiful than a cadaver. How is it that a necrophile ends up confusing the two, or making the leap, such that he finds beauty in what most people would find repugnant? How does he come to desire that which would seem to be intrinsically undesirable?

Written in a style that ranges from the lugubrious to the ludicrous — from purple prose to black humor — Necrophilia Variations exhibits a world of depravity from the inside out. Each of its texts utilizes the first person — not because it is autobiographical but rather because it is personal, even intimate. Why intimate? Because that's how death is — near you, beside you, eventually inside you as well. It would be nice to say that that's how sex is too — intimate — but then it's no secret just how impersonal sex can be, especially when your lover is unconscious or worse.

If you have ever contemplated the curious points of contact between eros and thanatos — if you have ever wondered why femmes fatales are alluring, or why sex can be made more exciting by games that simulate danger and pain, or why that bit of French slang that deems orgasm a "little death" seems so appropriate — then you may well enjoy this book. And if you do, then your joy in reading may even unlock the necrophiliac mind for you — since a text is, like a corpse, the remains of a living being, and as a reader you will no doubt be determined to extract pleasure from it.

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ISBN 0-9704971-1-3
5 x 7 x 5/8 inches
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Necrophilia Variations