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Necrophilia Variations - Sample Chapter

Title: Necrophilia Variations
Author: Supervert
Subject: Death, Desire, and Deviance
Published: 2005
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Necrophilia is a paradoxical perversion. It is often called an "unspeakable" crime, and yet this unspeakableness has not prevented the formulation of veritable clichés of necrophilia: the grave-robbing pervert, the horny morgue attendant, and so on.

It is precisely this gap between silence and stereotype that Necrophilia Variations seeks to mine. Death, desire, and deviance can combine and recombine in any variety of ways, and Necrophilia Variations simply charts some of the possibilities. For example, suppose someone developed a fetish for terrorists or for death-row inmates — is that as much a form of necrophilia as the fetish for dead bodies? Or what new form of morbidity might arise in the heart of a man who decides to spend a night with a prostitute before killing himself? Or how might contemporary technology influence the practice of a timeless abomination? Or, if necrophilia is a sensual pleasure, is it conceivable that someone could derive a sick pleasure through any one of the senses — say, through the ears?

Necrophilia Variations: Table of Contents

01 How Would You Like It?
02 Christmas for the Sick
03 Hideous Desiderata
04 Death and the Dilettante
05 Distress in a Dress
06 Prescription for Grief
07 Whoremonger for a Dying Friend
08 Meat Substitutes
09 Perverts Against Longevity
10 Smart Plots
11 Terror Groupies
12 Trauma Response Program
13 Ars Moriendi
14 Shrunken Heads
15 Cruel and Unusual
16 Death Drive
17 Shriek Freak
18 Graveyard Survival Training
19 NecroPhil
20 Labor Day
21 Fragment of a Love Letter
22 Diary of a Sick Fuck
23 Give It Up
24 Double Suicide
25 Sleeping Beauty
26 A New Man
27 Suicide by Strumpet
28 Our Wound
29 Long Dead
30 Visions of Supernatural Depravity
31 Confessions of a Skull Mask
32 Guilty Pleasure

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Necrophilia Variations