Perversity Think Tank by Supervert
Supervert is the creator of the books Perversity Think Tank, Necrophilia Variations, and Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish. Supervert's essay Horror Panegyric was published by Savoy Books and an introduction to Venus in Furs was published by Bookkake.

Perversity Think Tank

Title: Perversity Think Tank
Author: Supervert
Subject: A Seminar on the Concept of Perversity
Published: 2010
Order: SOLD OUT but you might find a collectible one on Amazon

Perversity Think Tank attempts to formulate a philosophical conception of sexual perversion. In this it is the black mirror of one of the most famous texts in the history of philosophy. Plato's Symposium sought to answer a simple question: What is love? Perversity Think Tank begins from an equally simple but darker place: What is perversity?

Necrophilia, pedophilia, bestiality, feederism, voyeurism, fetishism — how is it possible to abstract a single category of sexual behavior from so many unusual and often sordid proclivities? What does a flasher or a groper have in common with, say, the willing "victim" who undertook with a cannibal to cook and eat his own penis?

Perversity Think Tank dissects a wealth of examples drawn from literature, art, individual experience, and real-world incidents reported on the blog However, far from being a "book of the blog," Perversity Think Tank utilizes PervScan the way Freud did his case histories. It serves as a research laboratory for the entirely new vision of perversion presented in the book.

And whereas a blog is typically improvisational in tone, like a lab note, Perversity Think Tank is a taut, deeply considered analysis. Like Supervert's previous works, it makes full use of an arsenal of techniques — non-linearity, juxataposition, erasure — derived from vanguard aesthetics. The result is not only a novel approach to perversion but a new sort of work that is simultaneously philosophy, literature, and fuck knows.

Perversity Think Tank, Interior Front Cover
128 Pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN 978-0-9704971-2-3
5 x 7 x 5/8 inches
Perfect bound, printed natural kraft wrapper
Text printed on 70# via vanilla ultra smooth paper

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You can download a pdf of the entire text of Perversity Think Tank for free. (1.7 MB) You can have the text that way. What you can't quite have is the experience that Supervert tried very hard to offer in the physical, printed book.

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Perversity Think Tank is SOLD OUT but you might find a collectible one on Amazon

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