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Post-Depravity - Reviews

Title: Post-Depravity
Author: Supervert
Subject: Perversity = Normality
Published: 2014
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Cultured Vultures (Ben Arzate)

"Supervert’s prose is full of evocative images. Every page is a tableau of violent perversion and the deceptive tranquility of a hospital’s hallways. Images of surgical openings, the industrial architecture of the hospital, the smell of semen and medicine, and the sounds of fucking and heart rate monitors come through on every page." pdf

Paraphilia Magazine (Edward S. Robinson)

"These are no mere exercises in shock: Supervert’s measured prose is crisp, the focus of the texts philosophical, intellectual, literary, sociological, psychological. It’s intelligent, articulate writing that explores the human condition in the context of the post (and post-post) modern cultural landscape; Post-Depravity is quintessentially representative of Supervert’s wry and audacious dissection of the sexual psyche." pdf

Straight Up - Arts Journal (Jan Herman)

"It is possibly Supervert‘s most impressive book beauty to date, judging not only from the immaculate white-and-black antiseptic look of it and the heft of it — the text comes to 240 pages — but also, obviously, from the read of it. At one level Post-Depravity is a page turner (literally) and at another a densely reasoned philosophical proposition (indicated by the letters S&M R&D on the book’s spine)." pdf


"What's the Most Disturbing Book You Ever Read?" Post-Depravity nominated by user humanityoptional. pdf

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