Apocalypse Burlesque — Tales of Doomsday Eros.

Apocalypse Burlesque -- Title Close-Up

Close-up of the title on the print edition of Apocalypse Burlesque

666 from Apocalypse Burlesque"Apocalypse Burlesque, his new title, particularly throws down the gauntlet. Far be it from me to spoil any of your experience, but let’s just say I would give the Pulitzer Prize for Perversity to dear Supervert any year." — M.F. Sullivan, Painted Blind Publishing

Painted Blind Publishing (M.F. Sullivan)

"What does Supervert teach us about writing, the occult, the Devil? More than you would think. An author this skilled can only be in league with Satan; especially when he's covering topics such as these from such a fascinating stance of neutrality. Like the ringmaster of the Bosch Awards which open Apocalypse Burlesque, Supervert crooks a finger to lure you into a gallery of sin for which he is mere presenter... So, thanks for another masterpiece, Supervert, and thanks for bringing me where I am today. The Devil only knows where your workings will take me and all your other lucky readers in the future."

Arts Journal (Jan Herman)

"Supervert is — as he writes — 'the assumed name of a writer using the techniques of vanguard aesthetics to explore novel sexual pathologies.' His latest book, the fifth in a series of six he has planned, is Apocalypse Burlesque: Tales of Doomsday Eros... With the mainstream awards season upon us for the arts of music, movies, television, and whatnot best-of-the-year wrapups — and with ceremonies like the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and the Oscars taking center stage — why not acknowledge the MILFs, masochists, rapists, sadists, animal fuckers, and fisting fetishists, among other artisans of debauchery, with one helluva good read."


"These are tales of woe. They are the funny pitfalls of society pushed to the brink. It's what happens when nothing is shocking anymore and perverts are blundering through their own apathetic depression... What is present in these stories that really set them apart from normal shlock is the political tones Supervert takes. Throughout the book he repeatedly chastises the culture responsible for the demise of decency. He pulls no punches and says plainly that white male culture in its reign of terror raping and pillaging the planet is the impetus for his brand of kamikaze lust. He tells all of these stories with poetic grace, irony, and the darkest of humor. The book is biting and unforgiving it hits hard and drives home the feeling that the end times may find us soon in an akward state of post-coital stickiness."


Apocalypse Burlesque