Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is the book that invented the notion of exophilia — an abnormal attraction for beings from worlds beyond earth.

Model reading Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish - Photograph by Ellen Rogers

Model reading Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish - Photograph by Ellen Rogers

Alien from Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish“Things are getting weird out there, so much so that imaginary obsessions such as exophilia, the 'abnormal attraction [to] beings from worlds beyond earth' that is the subject of the underground novel Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, are starting to sound downright plausible.” — Mark Dery, "Sex Organs Sprout Everywhere"

San Francisco Bay Guardian

"What intrigued me about the book was Supervert's seductively nasty way of showing the dark side of hopeful Carl Sagan-ite speculations about our celestial cohorts... The overarching parable of the book has to do with one of my favorite subjects: fucking. But this isn't the happy outer space fucking of Barbarella and John Varley novels. Mercury de Sade's sexual fetish for aliens finally comes down to something far more basic than sex. What he wants to do with aliens is fuck them over, hurt them, use them... Mercury de Sade isn't hoping that enlightened beings from the Crab Nebula will teach humans to live in peace. He'd rather see outer space as a version of earth: packed with abused children, desperate prostitutes, subjugated peoples, and dupes of ill-concealed manipulation." — Annalee Newitz

NB: This text also appeared in The Metro (Silicon Valley) and on alternet.org.

Mark Dery, "Sex Organs Sprout Everywhere"

In September 2005 the Art and Politics of Netporn symposium, billed as "the first major international conference on netporn criticism," took place in Amsterdam. Author Mark Dery gave a lecture titled "Sex Organs Sprout Everywhere: The Sublime and the Grotesque in Web Porn." His lecture discussed how the internet has gotten so freakish that it makes ETSF sound prophetic: "Things are getting weird out there, so much so that imaginary obsessions such as exophilia, the 'abnormal attraction [to] beings from worlds beyond earth' that is the subject of the underground novel Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, are starting to sound downright plausible."

NB: Boing Boing also picked up on the Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish portion of Dery's speech.

Lust Magazine

"Truly, this is the kind of intellectual riffing on sex that a reader can expect from Supervert (or rather, Mercury de Sade) in Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish. This is what sets it apart from the usual Virgin Megastore 'hip books' department pop-lit offerings. It is actually good. ETSF actually has profound thought interspersed with its sci-fi sex perversions. If you are a thinker or a pervert (or ideally both) — ETSF will entertain." — Jack Malebranche

Absinthe Literary Review

"Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is nothing short of brilliant... Had Immanuel Kant, William Burroughs, Carl Jung, the Marquis de Sade, and an overly libidinous Captain Kirk been confined to a single spacecraft to write a book, ETSF would have been the result. That this montage of reason, disease, and literary style is the work of one writer is laudable; that it not only hangs together but spins and thrums, creating a perfect, demented cosmos is a miracle; that the author of such a fantastic work is named Supervert is hysterical. If you have philosophical and transgressive cohones large enough to appreciate it, you should buy this book."


"If you're of a particularly intellectual bent, and enjoy sly jokes about Western metaphysics, you can pick up a copy of Supervert's diabolical book Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish."

Annalee Newitz, Ten of the Kinkiest Science Fiction Books You'll Ever Read

"A demented, hilarious, and theory-geekish tale of Mercury De Sade, who fancies sex with aliens and sets out to tell you, the reader, exactly how to get what you want out of every possible type of alien creature. Creepy in parts, this isn't really a book intended to get you off so much as to make you think about the mechanism of desire itself. Packed with weird interpretations of French philosophy related to alien life, this is a book that will take your breath away if you get off on post-structuralism and humping ET."

Sex and Guts Magazine

"Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is one of the most astonishing books to come out in years, and frankly I am hard pressed to name another journalistic endeavor that equals its ambition and imagination.... Full of wry humor, intriguing propositions and fantastical erotica, Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish indulges the senses and enriches the mind. A must-read for those with penchants for erotica, science fiction, philosophy, technology — and for sex-positives everywhere. "

Short Term Memory Loss

"Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, as literature, is an attempt to attain escape velocity, to blast off from the dead lands of Western writings to explore new realms of intellectual and sensual endeavour..."

Eros Blog

"There's a lot for many people in this strange book, especially if you have something for grays or little green men or alien giantesses. In general, the alien sex fantasies are quite imaginative...."

The Weekly Alibi

"This is the yucky premise of Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, a new experimental novel that owes quite a bit of its overall flavor to gross-out pioneer William S. Burroughs. If you're easily offended, then this book is not for you. Parts of this novel are extremely graphic and vile... Still, you have to admire the sheer audacity of this literary project. Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is a bizarre but mostly satisfying work of literary lunacy. "


"Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is 209 pages of alien-oriented fiction, sex, and philosophy by some person or entity called Supervert... There is much dark humor throughout the text, which bring to mind Burroughs or Cronenberg... In short, a lot of people might turn away because of the unorthodox sexual content here, but it's a thought-provoking and interesting work."

Yellow Rat Bastard

"This book is based around the premise that some people suffer from an affliction known as exophilia, an abnormal sexual attraction to beings from other worlds. The author just so happens to suffer from this affliction himself, and writes about his inter-galactic fantasies in a schizophrenic pace"

Literal Latté

"Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is lyrical and comical and altogether, regardless of its "pornographic" content, magical... Make no mistake, this book will not appeal to many, may even repulse some — it is graphic with both homosexual and heterosexual acts pertaining to every orifice real and imagined, every bodily fluid and excretion, and is even at times sadistic (though much less so than the original de Sade). But this is one of the most purely inventive books, one of the most unrestrained flights of fancy (albeit warped), that I have had a close encounter with in some time."

Clamor Magazine

"In ETSF, Supervert ingeniously takes the UFO abduction myth and turns it upside-down... When I first encountered ETSF I was put off by the untraditional composition, but entered into the spirit of the book by random browsing. I was soon hooked by hilarious descriptions of alien sex."

Backwash Zine

"However you choose to read ETSF, you will be intrigued, enlightened, disgusted, repulsed, and with topless bars featuring the hottest strippers in the Crab nebula, you'll surely be entertained."

Something Dark, Exploring the Final Frontier

"This is the first of Supervert's books; his subsequent efforts display a development of his literary ability, but ET Sex Fetish does have moments of inspiration. And there is a real purpose: by examining humanity's obsession with that which exists outside our own small world of flesh, bone and thought, Supervert furnishes us with a literally unique, if outrageous -- and yes, "perverted" -- reflection on our petty internal worlds."


"Sometimes it's fun to order self-published books just to seek out that genius gem that wasn't published by Little Brown because it was bad — it wasn't published by them because it's so damn good. ESF is just such a book... Supervert is up there with the best contemporary authors there are. "

Attack.hr re ETSF

Supervert has no idea what this text says, as it's in Hungarian. Evidently "Supervert" is "Supervertovoj" in Hungarian, but other than that the text is a mystery. Obviously it talks about ETSF — anyone care to translate it?


A sort of skit posted on DailyStupid.com depicts a guy running into an alien while on his way to purchase Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish. "'The reason why I say that is because I was going to buy this book today at the WACKO store called Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, and here I meet you instead. It's so serendipitous, don't you think?' 'Maybe we should still get the book,' she says. 'Yeah, and I'd like to get a haircut, then a sandwich,' I say..."

Science Fiction Chronicle (Print)

"The weirdest damned thing we've ever seen."

subTerrain (Print)

"Yes, [Mercury de Sade] is a space cadet with a libido the size of the space shuttle, an imagination as impulsive as the clouds on Uranus. And the Case Historian, who compiles all this information and narrates Mercury's story to us, knows that his subject is like frenzied testosterone penetrating the silence of space..."

Exquisite Corpse (Print)

"This is a crazy cyber paranormal sex book..."

Headpress (Print)

"Personally, I found it difficult to get a foothold on the book's stylized, slightly robotic prose, though sci-fi aficionados and Stark Trek fans may find a rare treat in the descriptions of exophiliac copulation."


On January 14th 2004 Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish was featured on a radio show called Dispenser, which is broadcast on national radio in Italy. Even if you don't speak Italian, it's great to listen to — for the sound effects if for nothing else.

Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Broadcast)

(RealAudio stream of a radio broadcast about ETSF by Mads Brügger of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the equivalent of the BBC in Denmark. In Danish.)

Ariadne's Web (Print)

"The appearance in 2001 of the — literally — seminal text Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish... heralded a 'new' aproach to creating mythology based on 'exophilosophy...' Using examples and arguments from various philosophical sources, as well as full-on flights of exophiliac fantasy through a style mixing documentary and satire, there really is no better way to describe this work except that it be a recent attempt at classic mythmaking." — John Eberly, "Creation Pathology"

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