Perversity Think Tank attempts to formulate a philosophical conception of sexual perversion.

Collage from the cover of Perversity Think Tank

Collage from the cover of Perversity Think Tank

“A highly literate, thoughtful, and creative study of the subject of perversity, Supervert's newest work borders on the transcendent..” — Stella Maris, Crawling Chaos Collective

V. Vale, Re/Search Newsletter #94

"Got a gorgeous, compelling small book in the mail, once again confirming that Intelligent Minimalist Design can produce a thing of beauty with minimal $$. BE READABLE! BE BEAUTIFUL! It's titled Perversity Think Tank & is available from — Basically this treatise explores the boundaries and borderlands of the territory called 'perversity' — cultural relativism is important here — and cites examples from Amish & Mennonite neighbors... this book is like being served a bowl of caviar. It's best taken a few pages at a time, as its frequently shocking thoughts and notions demand reflection and even recovery time. The book lives up to its name, with varying and parallel 'narratives.' There are a plethora of good 'quotes' scattered throughout, like Kant's ''The beautiful in nature is a question of the form of object, and this consists in limitation.' In other words, there is a profound connection between beauty and boundary...' (p.93) Or, 'The obsessive acts as though time does not exist.' (p.69) Without quotable quotes, a book cannot endure, and its author is highly suspect. Check out's other books..."

NB: Bruce Sterling cross-posted V. Vale's review to Wired.

Anita Dalton, I Read Odd Books

"I have a pretty serious book crush on Supervert. Every now and then you come across an author who seems very much like he or she is on your wavelength, whose words seem like they could have come out of your own brain. Supervert is one of those authors for me... [Perversity Think Tank] is full of enlightened explanations of the philosophy and reasoning behind some sex acts even I can look at and call bizarre, or perverted."

Stella Maris, Crawling Chaos Collective

"Perhaps there is no one better qualified to publish a 'seminar on the concept of perversity' than the faceless guerilla aesthete known as Supervert... A highly literate, thoughtful, and creative study of the subject of perversity, Supervert's newest work borders on the transcendent... Granted, some parts bugged me out, others infuriated or annoyed me, but I had plenty of food for thought and was never bored."


"Is this erotic writing sent from the future? Perversity Think Tank takes a look at the PervScan method for tracking and analyzing perversion trends. . . And then it rapidly decends to titillating yr tits off with blacked-out photos of juicily-described pervvy acts -- all while trying to make your brain digest some pervert theory. Although I can't say this book will get you laid, it will certainly remind you what a sick fuck you are."

Stoya, Porn-Star Stoya Tweets Perversity Think Tank

"After finishing 'Perversity Think Tank' it seems imperative that I meet the person behind Or at least correspond via email."

Daryl Champion, Literature, Art, Philosophy, and... (of course) Perversity

"Whether Supervert has succeeded in thinking in a new way about the issues he treats is perhaps entirely in the realm of philosophy, but the book's text is certainly unusually structured: it is reminiscent of his first book, Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, but not as formally compartmentalised. Perversity Think Tank is all-the-more interesting for its structure: three, thematically linked philosophical and reflective narratives weave their way through the book. One of the narratives is focussed on imagery that Supervert, for reasons best known to himself (copyright issues? censorship issues?), has chosen to represent as solid black rectangles...."

Mole Empire, Supervert -- Definitions of Perversity

"You have to admit, the author also has a strange sense of humour."

Mrallex, Receiving Perversity Think Tank

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