The role of Satan in the choice of a pseudonym

A line of MDMA on the cover of Necrophilia Variations - photograph by Morbid Books

A line of MDMA on the cover of Necrophilia Variations. Photograph by Morbid Books.

Once upon a time there was a writer. The Devil spoke to him through a computer. "You will write about perversion, madness, and lust," said Satan. "You will use vanguard techniques in the service of novel pathologies. You will be known as Supervert."

A smell like a struck match leaked out through the computer's headphone jack. An image filled the screen. It was an upright figure with the head of a goat, the body of a man, and the wings of an eagle. Horns spiraled out of its head. It held up its right arm like a customer signaling for a check in a restaurant. Its left arm pointed down at a diagonal.

"But I already have an assumed name." The writer smacked the side of the machine with an open hand. "I am the cofounder of Necro Enema Amalgamated. I make digital art dedicated to coercion, deviance, self-mutilation, genital torture. I'm big in Japan."

"Big in Japan." Smoke curled out of Satan's nostrils. "You're no artist."

"But I've exhibited at the Pompidou. I won an award at the Berlin Videofest. I —"

"Shut the fuck up and write, moron."

"I don't want to write. It's deranging. It's —"

"I will give you power," hissed Satan through carious teeth. "Wealth, fame, immortality."

"I don't even think about those things," the writer maintained. He figured his computer had been taken over by malware. It was probably a Russian hacker attempting to steal his identity. "For me it's all about the process. It's like occupational therapy."

But Satan was persistent. "Write, I command you. Write." When the archfiend offered pornographic pictures of God's angels, the writer acquiesced. He could not resist the idea of seraphic pussy.

Setting aside his pursuit of digital art, the writer began to take dictation from the Evil One. Before long he had typed out a book inventing a new form of fetishism. He had copied out a text plumbing the depths of the darkest urge known to man. He had noted down Satan's meditations on the nature of sexual perversion. He had become a veritable machine for the transcription of thoughts from hell and there was no turning back.


Utilizing the motto "There are no strong words, only weak ears," Supervert cofounded (with Swensonia) Necro Enema Amalgamated, a Devil's Advocacy group and entrepreneurial innovator of manipulative software, coercive advertising, and subliminal semiotics. NEA made digital art before there was digital art. One day there will be an art book to tell the whole sordid story.


Satan appears in a vision and Supervert is officially incorporated in the state of New York.


Supervert publishes its first book, Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish.


Supervert launches PervScan, an early form of "sex blog" intended to serve as a living, breathing psychopathia sexualis.


Supervert launches, the definitive online presentation of Charles Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil, and, a William S. Burroughs community.


Supervert publishes the book Necrophilia Variations, a literary monograph about death, desire, and deviance.


Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is published in Lithuanian translation as Nežemiško Sekso Fetišas.

Supervert's essay "Sadistic Introduction to a Masochistic Book" is published in the Bookkake edition of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's Venus in Furs.

Savoy Books publishes a limited edition hardcover featuring Supervert's essay, "Horror Panegyric."


Supervert retires PervScan and publishes its third book, Perversity Think Tank, a seminar on the concept of perversity.


Photographer and artist Clayton Cubitt creates Hysterical Literature. The first installment shows Stoya reading from Necrophilia Variations while being stimulated off-screen by a Hitachi vibrator. The video goes viral, causing Necrophilia Variations and Perversity Think Tank to go out of print.

Supervert publishes the first of its Supervert Bulletins, The Unauthorized Biography of Joel-Peter Witkin.


Supervert publishes its second Supervert Bulletin, Empire Creep Joint.


Supervert publishes the book Post-Depravity, a vision of the near future in which perversity and normality become identical.

Supervert publishes its third Supervert Bulletin, Perversity Think Tank (Remix), which is also the preface to a "remixed" digital edition of the book Perversity Think Tank.

Supervert and Stoya profile each other in a text titled "L'Invitation au voyeur" for the now defunct Adult Magazine.


Supervert publishes an essay about the Marquis de Sade, "120 Days Forever," in Booklore: Passion for Books, as well as the introduction for a book of intimate photographs of Stoya.


Supervert publishes its fourth Supervert Bulletin, Dada Caligula.


Supervert publishes the book Apocalypse Burlesque.


Supervert publishes its fifth Supervert Bulletin, How Not to Love in Quarantine.

Supervert publishes the book Who's Your Death Hero?, a collaboration with Cinema of Transgression filmmaker and photographer Richard Kern.

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