Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish

Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is the book that invented the notion of exophilia — an abnormal attraction for beings from worlds beyond earth.

Model reading Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish - Photograph by Ellen Rogers

Model reading Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish - Photograph by Ellen Rogers

Alien from Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish“If you're of a particularly intellectual bent, and enjoy sly jokes about Western metaphysics, you can pick up a copy of Supervert's diabolical book Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish.” — Annalee Newitz, Wired

Through its profile of Mercury de Sade, a computer programmer obsessed with the erotic potential of alien life, Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish introduces a new perversion into the lexicon of sexual pathologies: exophilia, an abnormal attraction for beings from worlds beyond earth.

Unlike other fetishes, whose objects may be difficult but not impossible to obtain, exophilia is a sexual desire for something that is literally not to be found on earth. The necrophile can rob a cemetery, the foot fetishist can steal shoes, but where is an alien sex fiend to find the objects of his desire? A basic inability to satisfy his fetish inspires sadism in Mercury de Sade, and though obsessed with extraterrestrials he is thus compelled to victimize a series of "ninfas" or young girls...

But can a human, however alluring, ever compensate for the fantastic sexuality to be expected of extraterrestrials? If aliens are more intelligent than man, then might they — must they — not be more sexually advanced than man too?

Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish by Supervert

Published in 2001
216 Pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN 0-9704971-0-5
5 x 7 x 5/8 inches
Perfect bound, white-on-white laminated gatefold cover
Text printed on 70# Mohawk Opaque with vellum finish

“Things are getting weird out there, so much so that imaginary obsessions such as exophilia, the 'abnormal attraction [to] beings from worlds beyond earth' that is the subject of the underground novel Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, are starting to sound downright plausible.” — Mark Dery, “Sex Organs Sprout Everywhere”

Lithuanian Translation

In 2008 the Lithuanian publisher Endendu produced a beautifully printed translation of Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish titled Nežemiško Sekso Fetišas. The book was reviewed in a number of Lithuanian press outlets. Miesto IQ compared Supervert to Rabelais and Nežemiško Sekso Fetišas to Gargantua and Pantagruel. Another review declared that "to Lithuanian readers, who are still looking for spirituality in literature, this book may seem if not a 'miscreation,' then at least strange." Amen.