The BLAM! Boys

This interview with Necro Enema Amalgamated was conducted in 1994 by Rebecca Mead. It appeared with photographs in the 13 June 1994 issue of New York Magazine.


"The rhetoric surrounding all this interactive bullshit is that it is going to be democratic, empowering the user, giving you options, blah, blah, blah," says [Supervert]. "Really boring. We think, au contraire, that it is all about manipulation and coercion."

The 27-year-old [Supervert] (left in photo) and his creative partner, [Swensonia], 25, met while both were undergraduates at NYU. [Swensonia] is now a graduate student in NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Proram; [Supervert] teaches philosophy at NYU's School of Continuing Education — trying, for example, to get Polish immigrants to look at Marxism as a theoretical concept. By night, though, they are Necro Enema Amalgamated, the creators of BLAM!, a new CD-ROM magazine. BLAM! is the embodiment of the pair's taste for the tasteless, filled with Boys' Own intellectual gothic smut: a text by Georges Bataille, the Ivy Leaguers' current pornographer of choice; an interview with the grandmother of punk, Lydia Lunch; and remarkably, only one Nietzsche reference. The pair, [Supervert] is fond of saying, "want to do for the information age what the Marquis de Sade did for the ideals of the Englightenment — parody them by pushing them to extremes." They want to make an interactive snuff film, for example. ("Between friends," sniggers [Swensonia]. "It's faux-snuff."

Bedroom anarchists dreaming of world domination they may be, but nonetheless tremendously serious. "I think digital media is, like, dumb for the most part," says [Supervert]. "You see all these interactive products where you can search for every instance of the word buttfuck in Alice in Wonderland. They give you all these choices, but you don't want any of those choices."

"We, on the other hand, are not going to fucking sit back and spread our legs and beg you to push our buttons. We are going to kick your ass and push your buttons."