An Index to the Sordid and Depraved

Screen grab of the final post on

Screen grab of the final post on

“I have a pretty serious book crush on Supervert. Every now and then you come across an author who seems very much like he or she is on your wavelength, whose words seem like they could have come out of your own brain. Supervert is one of those authors for me... [Perversity Think Tank] is full of enlightened explanations of the philosophy and reasoning behind some sex acts even I can look at and call bizarre, or perverted.” — Anita Dalton, I Read Odd Books

PervScan was a blog founded by Supervert on 19 May 2003. It resided at Intended as a "living, breathing psychopathia sexualis," the site documented and analyzed sexual perversions culled primarily from the news. The stories were organized by date and by category (e.g. bestiality, incest, necrophilia). When the site was shuttered on 14 February 2010, there were 1,305 posts and 7,856 comments.

The experience of running the site contributed to Supervert's book Perversity Think Tank. The final post on PervScan explained:

Perversity Think Tank attempts to formulate a philosophical conception of sexual perversion. It emerges directly from PervScan in the sense that the web site has served as a sort of research laboratory — a place to examine real-world examples of deviant behavior, to experiment with concepts, and to workshop them with the thousands of visitors who have left comments on the site.
To be clear, Perversity Think Tank is not a "blook" or a "book of the blog" or a compendium of entries from PervScan. It is an entirely new work that considers a variety of perversions drawn from literature, art, individual experience, and sometimes PervScan. If you have followed the site, you may recognize a few favorites such as the German cannibal who ate his own penis. However, these case histories have been subsumed into an entirely new conceptual framework never explicity offered on PervScan itself.

The site remained inactive until April 2014, when it was taken offline altogether.

Chronological List of Posts on PervScan

05.19.2003 You have to start somewhere

05.19.2003 Foot Man Goes a Step Further

05.19.2003 Police warn women of gerontophile

05.19.2003 Cardigan Fetishist

05.19.2003 Hair fetish lands man in prison

05.19.2003 Erotic Uses for Vibrating Phones

05.20.2003 Incest: Local Gets 18 Years

05.21.2003 Genetic Sexual Attraction Syndrome

05.21.2003 Kitchen table castrator convicted

05.21.2003 IPO for Australian Brothel

05.22.2003 Squish Videos

05.22.2003 Masturbate-a-thon

05.22.2003 They look at porn all day, so others won’t be able to

05.23.2003 State university hosts ‘Pornfest’

05.24.2003 Sex Vouchers

05.24.2003 S&M School

05.25.2003 Sex No Match for Soccer

05.26.2003 Law Against Necrophilia

05.27.2003 New Britannia Sex

05.28.2003 Animal Style

05.29.2003 Genetic Sexual Attraction Syndrome – Part 2

05.30.2003 Stone Sex Offenders

05.31.2003 Erotic Writing Workshop

06.01.2003 Sex, God and Greed

06.02.2003 Ass Obsessed

06.03.2003 Upskirt Photos Outlawed

06.04.2003 Sex Toys Up in Smoke

06.05.2003 The Art of Love

06.06.2003 Virgin Sacrifice

06.07.2003 Sex Damages

06.08.2003 The Pedophile Postman

06.09.2003 Hermaphrodite Shrimps

06.10.2003 Free Sex for Returning Troops

06.11.2003 Autoerotic Asphyxiation

06.11.2003 Scream Fetish

06.12.2003 Sex Dentist

06.13.2003 Penis Pill Swindle

06.14.2003 Sodomy on Wife Cases

06.15.2003 Field Guide for Novice Hookers

06.16.2003 Cop-Dot-Com Becomes Porn Site

06.17.2003 Porn Queen for Mayor

06.19.2003 Ancient Aphrodisiac

06.19.2003 Bloomer Shops

06.20.2003 Outing Jesus

06.21.2003 Wham Bam Thank You Mam

06.23.2003 Flavored Semen Patent

06.24.2003 Penis Soup

06.24.2003 Sex, Lies, and Surveys

06.25.2003 Sex Crime Photos

06.26.2003 Horny Castrators

06.27.2003 Loo Sex Ban

06.28.2003 Get Laid with Google

06.29.2003 Horse Play

06.30.2003 Ancient Chinese Secret

07.01.2003 Call Girls

07.03.2003 Magnetic Dildo

07.03.2003 An Oedipal Necrophile

07.04.2003 Sexual Exorcism

07.06.2003 Sleeping Tom

07.07.2003 Harry Potter Slash

07.07.2003 Dog Day Afternoon

07.08.2003 Big Dick, Big Mistake

07.09.2003 The Vagina Monoliths

07.11.2003 Author Prostitutes Self

07.11.2003 Suicide Sex

07.13.2003 Wild Mood Swings

07.13.2003 Pube Art

07.14.2003 Unsafe at Any Speed

07.15.2003 Virgin Marking

07.16.2003 Jesus Would Be Here Too

07.17.2003 More Witch Doctor Con

07.18.2003 Stephanie’s Law

07.20.2003 No Love Like the Love of a Boy and a Creepy Old Guy

07.20.2003 Marriage Tames Genius (and Crime Too)

07.21.2003 Anal Orgasm Monitor

07.22.2003 Man Eats His Own Penis

07.23.2003 Keep Away from Old People

07.24.2003 Toe Sucker Jailed for Life

07.25.2003 Big Dead Penis

07.26.2003 Man Jailed for Filming Girls at Pool

07.27.2003 Amputee Wannabes

07.28.2003 Naked Paintball

07.29.2003 Leave It for Jehovah

07.31.2003 Embryonic She-Males

07.31.2003 Seven-Year-Old Porn Fiend

08.01.2003 Johns TV

08.02.2003 Rubens Syndrome

08.03.2003 Nicole Kidman Lawsuit

08.04.2003 The Return of Poo Poo Johnny?

08.05.2003 Sex as a Weapon

08.06.2003 Pedophilia on the Brain

08.07.2003 The Case for Legalizing Prostitution

08.08.2003 Exhibitionist Pays with His Genitals

08.10.2003 Wife’s a Bitch

08.10.2003 Porn Star for Governor

08.11.2003 Pregnancy Dismemberment Fetish

08.12.2003 Rape Coach

08.13.2003 What Makes PervScan Unique?

08.15.2003 Blackout!

08.16.2003 Kiddie Porn Virus

08.17.2003 Cum Shovel

08.18.2003 Hooker Welfare

08.19.2003 From Prison to Playground and Back Again

08.20.2003 German Cuts Off Own Penis to Cure Sex Addiction

08.21.2003 Porker

08.22.2003 Pervs’ Drill Thrill

08.24.2003 Sodomy under the Apple Tree

08.24.2003 AIDS Attraction

08.25.2003 Whim, Eccentricity, and Perversion

08.26.2003 A Wife Full of Hot Air

08.27.2003 Condom to Simulate Virginity

08.28.2003 Man Gets Vasectomy for Earache

08.29.2003 Foot Licker Gets 18 Months in Jail

08.30.2003 Is S&M Sex?

08.31.2003 Pig Porks Pig

09.01.2003 Lewd Email Goes Global

09.02.2003 Kama Sutra by Phone

09.04.2003 Erotic Purikura

09.04.2003 Sari Or Swimsuit?

09.05.2003 Bolt Dick

09.07.2003 Pubic Hair Transplants

09.07.2003 Get Wind Of This: Gas Kills Sex Life

09.08.2003 Anti-Pedo Cybervigilantes

09.09.2003 Baby with Dildo

09.10.2003 Heating the Dead

09.11.2003 Different Strokes

09.12.2003 Testicle Attack

09.14.2003 Photographic Flasher

09.14.2003 Man Gives Pig a Poke

09.15.2003 Knickers Nicker Nabbed

09.16.2003 Infidel Barbie

09.17.2003 Penis Enlargement Pills Full of Shit (Literally)

09.19.2003 Traffic Camera Zooms in on Breasts

09.19.2003 Man Gets Rocks off on Rock

09.20.2003 Drunken Lesbian Assaults Woman in Bar Toilet


09.22.2003 Ambulanceman Took Photo Of Accident Victim

09.23.2003 Rafters Use Sex Dolls

09.24.2003 Worst Jobs in Science

09.25.2003 Meat-for-Sex Swap

09.27.2003 Man Cuts Off Penis to Teach Wife Lesson

09.28.2003 Foot Fetish Burglar

09.29.2003 Sex Inspectors

09.30.2003 Amazon Sells “Deadly” Pedophile Magazine

10.01.2003 Costa Killer Corpse Fetish

10.02.2003 Starfucker

10.04.2003 The Dog as Porn Star

10.05.2003 Wives with Knifes, Man without Manhood

10.06.2003 America & Australia Are “Gayest Countries”

10.07.2003 Brotherhood of Gropers

10.08.2003 Schoolgirls Caught with Homemade Porn

10.09.2003 Man in Women’s Underwear Hid Bomb

10.11.2003 Breasts and Genetic Engineering

10.12.2003 Airport Urine Fetish

10.13.2003 Most Disgusting Sex Crime of the Year

10.14.2003 Necro Duck

10.16.2003 Bestiality and Incest on 10th Grade Syllabus

10.16.2003 Sexual Tourism for Grandfathers

10.18.2003 Another Amateur Castrator

10.19.2003 Hemingway’s Son — Or Daughter?

10.20.2003 Teen Blackmails Innocent Man

10.21.2003 His Honor the Wanker

10.22.2003 Save the Male

10.23.2003 Scalper

10.25.2003 Cow Poke

10.26.2003 Skin Tips for Sex Criminals

10.27.2003 Necrophile Walks

10.28.2003 Instant Orgasm Pill

10.29.2003 Sexual Addiction

10.30.2003 The Buick Masturbation

11.01.2003 Is Porn Sex Good Sex?

11.02.2003 Woman Breaks into Jail for Sex

11.03.2003 Robber Discovers Naked Pics of His Underage Sister

11.04.2003 Prostitution Without Sex

11.05.2003 Professor Defends Bestiality Link

11.06.2003 Mortician Rapes Girls in Morgue

11.08.2003 Forty Years for Rapist of Octogenarian

11.09.2003 No Eclipse for Sex

11.10.2003 Left Foot Fetish

11.11.2003 Boob Marathon

11.12.2003 Jessica Lynch Nude Photos

11.13.2003 Hung Jury, Well-Hung Defendant

11.15.2003 Man Awakes to Homo Blowjob

11.16.2003 Sex Offender Registry — Who Cares?

11.17.2003 The Necro Next Door

11.18.2003 Hanky Panky School

11.19.2003 Do It and You’ll Go Blind (Really!)

11.20.2003 Enemagra

11.22.2003 Sodomizing Sparkles

11.23.2003 Woman Sues Amazon over Book Showing Her Semi-Nude at Age 10

11.24.2003 Sex Enhances Athletic Performance in Women

11.25.2003 Bookstore Updated

11.25.2003 Vile Charges against Jacko

11.26.2003 It’s All Done with Mirrors

11.27.2003 Talking Turkey

11.29.2003 WiFi Kiddie Porn

11.30.2003 Stiffs That Smile

12.01.2003 Anti-Abortion Child Molestor

12.02.2003 Persistent Arousal Syndrome

12.03.2003 Virgin Auction

12.04.2003 How to Outwit a Sex-Offender Registry

12.06.2003 Should Transsexuals Go to Men’s or Women’s Prisons?

12.07.2003 Let’s Eat My Penis, Then Kill Me

12.08.2003 Foot Fetish Claim Doesn’t Sway Court

12.09.2003 Dungeon Perv’s Pad Up for Sale

12.10.2003 Voyeur Falls to Death Peering at Naked Woman’s Corpse

12.11.2003 Sex Assault on Wheelchair Man

12.13.2003 Deep Throat: The Deeper Meaning

12.14.2003 The Cannibal Video

12.15.2003 Ring My Bell

12.16.2003 Perv’s 420,000 Twisted Images

12.17.2003 Should We Help Inmates Get Erections?

12.18.2003 Mum Forces Girl to Watch Sex

12.20.2003 Put Some Tits on That Logo

12.21.2003 Fat Hooker Dominates Skinny Rapist

12.22.2003 Internet Castration Services

12.23.2003 Never Blow a Loaded Gun

12.25.2003 Middle-Aged Woman Seeks Pedophiles for Fun and Maybe More

12.25.2003 Porn Videos Arouse Women

12.27.2003 Popo Bawa, the Sex-Mad Ghost

12.28.2003 Mum’s Sex Swap Agony

12.29.2003 Cheers for Loo Sex Couple

12.30.2003 Man Bites Baby’s Penis

12.31.2003 Espresso Sex

01.01.2004 CyberPorn Extortion

01.03.2004 Marital Necrophilia

01.04.2004 Fatal Fetish Fight

01.05.2004 Trigasm for Men

01.06.2004 Father Charges Self with Incest

01.07.2004 Dog Eats Genitals of Newly Circumcised Boy

01.08.2004 New Nuts for Neutered Dogs

01.10.2004 Kid Porn Collector Threatens President with Tank

01.11.2004 Errors in Sex Offender Registry

01.12.2004 Portrait of the Cannibal as a Young Man

01.13.2004 The Fake Orgasm Queen

01.14.2004 Madonna Wannabe Expelled for Lezzie Kiss

01.15.2004 Man Removes Penis with Machete

01.17.2004 Streakers Stranded as Car Is Stolen

01.18.2004 Insane Wanking

01.19.2004 Precocious Puberty

01.20.2004 Pubes from the Distant Past

01.21.2004 Granny Fetish

01.22.2004 Adultery Online

01.24.2004 Rabbi Offers Prayer for Web Porn Browsers

01.25.2004 Japanese Cannibal Wins Heart of Little Angel

01.26.2004 Noodles the Clown

01.27.2004 Good to the Last Dropping

01.28.2004 John Bobbitt, Where Are You Now?


01.31.2004 Sex Hell with Dad

02.01.2004 Post-Rape Phone Sex

02.02.2004 Sex Good for the Economy

02.03.2004 Bestiality Bad for Beasts

02.04.2004 Training Hookers to Service Disabled Johns

02.05.2004 Does the Flasher Measure Up?

02.07.2004 Polygamy in Arizona Cult

02.08.2004 Eroticized Arson

02.09.2004 Perv Knocks Up Eight-Year-Old

02.10.2004 Dog Rape Attempt Goes Astray

02.12.2004 Sex Perv Gives Victim Cellphone Number

02.12.2004 Flashing the Amish

02.14.2004 The Female Mutilation Act

02.15.2004 Lesbian “Boy” Guilty of Schoolgirl Assault

02.16.2004 Man Rapes Dead Body

02.17.2004 Man Discovers Wife on Porn Site

02.18.2004 Chastity Belt Sets Off Airport Metal Detector

02.19.2004 Genital Trafficking

02.21.2004 Swedish Outcry Against Bestiality

02.22.2004 My Son the Cannibal

02.23.2004 Russian Man Freezes Penis to Bus Shelter

02.24.2004 Mister or Miss Universe?

02.25.2004 Can Porn Pass the Turing Test?

02.26.2004 Necrophiles of the World, Unite!

02.28.2004 False Repressed Memories

02.29.2004 Horse Rape

03.01.2004 No Time to Vote, I’m Having Sex!

03.02.2004 Sleazebag Teacher

03.03.2004 Black Magic Sex Murder

03.05.2004 Fetish for White Socks

03.06.2004 Honk Honk

03.07.2004 Cops Kill Man Breaking into Sex Offender’s Home

03.08.2004 Oral Sex Linked to Mouth Cancer

03.09.2004 Pervy Britney

03.10.2004 Free the Cannibals

03.11.2004 Man Arrested for Watching Porn While Driving

03.13.2004 Reverend Sexually Assaulted Woman He Met In Christian Chat Room

03.14.2004 Bum Sex

03.15.2004 Spam Slam

03.16.2004 Dutch Politicians Want Bestiality Banned

03.17.2004 Kiddie Porn Is for Retards

03.19.2004 Don’t Dyb Dyb Dyb with Your Dob Dob Dob

03.20.2004 Repent, Repent, Fornicators!

03.20.2004 Spam Clarification

03.21.2004 Internet Antiporn Gambit

03.22.2004 Jacko’s Sex Chat

03.23.2004 Toothing

03.24.2004 Soldier Ashamed by Donkey Sex

03.25.2004 Urinals with Lips

03.27.2004 ChatNannies

03.28.2004 Florida Man Convicted of Raping Infant

03.29.2004 Teen Simulated Sex with Head

03.31.2004 Pledgers Get STDs

03.31.2004 Amputee Flasher Has a Leg to Stand On

04.01.2004 It’s a Dog’s Life

04.03.2004 Kinky Exterminator

04.04.2004 New Penis Grows on Boy’s Arm

04.05.2004 .XXX

04.07.2004 Voyeurism in the Home

04.08.2004 Stephen King, Pedophile

04.11.2004 Death at the Pumping Party

04.11.2004 There Are No Entries in This Department

04.11.2004 Woman Pays for Car with Breast Milk

04.12.2004 Necro Shock in Karoo

04.14.2004 Dick-Eating Spirits

04.14.2004 Grandma Pimp

04.16.2004 Creepy Gmail

04.17.2004 A Cure for Cancer in Your Pants

04.18.2004 Mom Strips at Son’s Birthday Party

04.20.2004 Tigger Cops a Feel

04.21.2004 Fat Girls and Feeders

04.22.2004 “Rape Fantasy” Chat Goof

04.24.2004 New York Treesome

04.25.2004 Dead Drunk

04.27.2004 Porn Surfing at Work

04.27.2004 DNA Clue to Raper of Old Ladies

04.29.2004 Amish Girl Recounts Abuse

04.30.2004 First Indictment under Federal Cyberstalking Law

05.01.2004 Blonde Angel Robs Frisky Patient

05.02.2004 Zipper Dick Flasher

05.03.2004 Perv Sent to School

05.04.2004 From 44DD to 40D and Not Happy about It

05.05.2004 Abuse of Detainees


05.08.2004 BMW Drivers Get Most Sex

05.09.2004 Man Pleads Guilty to Necrophilia

05.10.2004 Home on the Range

05.13.2004 Tastes Like Chicken

05.14.2004 Abandoned Storage Lockers

05.16.2004 Teens Rape Tard

05.17.2004 Impassioned Stallion

05.18.2004 Cucumber Man Exposes Himself

05.19.2004 Take One for the Country

05.20.2004 Double Amputee Rapes Septuagenarian

05.22.2004 Rat Urine Bad for Breasts

05.23.2004 Lawsuit against “Perverted Justice” Journalism

05.24.2004 Colombian Smuggles Grenade in Vagina, Three Killed

05.26.2004 Twin Rapists

05.27.2004 Ball in the Family

05.28.2004 Couple’s No-Sex Blunder

05.29.2004 Man Commits Suicide after Sex with Hen

05.30.2004 New York Bans Used Panties

05.31.2004 Iraqi Abuser Hottie

06.01.2004 Israeli Women Sexually Assertive

06.02.2004 More Pain, More Gain

06.03.2004 Doc Scanned Sex Romp

06.06.2004 ‘Legalize Incest’ Suggestion Shocks Lawmakers

06.07.2004 Pal Prostituted Teen Tard

06.08.2004 Erotic Investment Club

06.09.2004 Fetishist Banned from Hospitals

06.10.2004 No Sex Please — We’re Japanese

06.13.2004 Rapist at the Ready

06.14.2004 Hot Chicks for Random Sex on Craigslist… Hoax

06.15.2004 Blow-Up Sheep Ordeal

06.16.2004 Cup and Gown

06.17.2004 Anti-Pedo Ads

06.20.2004 The Family Bush

06.21.2004 Fruits, Vegetables, Hookers

06.23.2004 Danes Permit Office Porn

06.23.2004 Fetish Farm

06.24.2004 The Masturbation Diet (or Onanibics)

06.27.2004 Flashing Granny Is “Not Obscene”

06.28.2004 Pedophilia Not Glamorous

06.29.2004 Love Boat

06.30.2004 What Is Rape?

07.01.2004 Here Comes the Judge

07.04.2004 Suck or Be Caned

07.05.2004 Drunk Shoots Off Balls

07.06.2004 Kiddie Porn on Computer Sold at Police Auction

07.07.2004 Teen Sold to Her Rapist

07.09.2004 The Princess Boob Shot

07.11.2004 The Poop-Eating Defense

07.12.2004 High-Speed Love Connection

07.13.2004 Fetish for Female Clerics

07.14.2004 Strip Search Hoax Calls

07.15.2004 Man Assaulted with Swizzle Sticks

07.18.2004 Man Molests Mutt

07.19.2004 Caller Will Return Lost Bird for Sex

07.20.2004 Putting the Tit in Titanium

07.21.2004 Sex Education: Urgent Matter or Act of Satan?

07.22.2004 Police Arrest Cheese-Covered Naked Man

07.24.2004 Teen Forges Money to Buy Sex

07.25.2004 Some Sing While Others Are Raped

07.26.2004 MP Caught Watching Porn in Parliament

07.27.2004 Dentist Squirts Semen on Teeth

07.28.2004 The Cannibal Defense

07.29.2004 Japan Gets Set for the Buttocks Generation

08.01.2004 Federal Court Upholds Sex Toy Ban

08.02.2004 Ponytail Thief

08.03.2004 Internet Sex Offenders Don’t Lie

08.04.2004 Body Odor Gives Away Rapist

08.05.2004 Saudi Claims Diplomatic Immunity in Child Sex Case

08.09.2004 Woman Had Sex with Officer to Avoid Picking Up Litter

08.09.2004 Sex and Seuss Too Close for Comfort

08.10.2004 Prostitutes Rated Online

08.11.2004 Red Wine Good for the Breasts

08.12.2004 Brits Ok Bestiality Documentary

08.14.2004 Mum Had Sex with Eighteen-Year-Old Son

08.15.2004 Rape Bid on Dying Woman

08.16.2004 Letterbox Perv: I Did It for a Joke

08.17.2004 Legal Sex Fiends

08.18.2004 Man Castrates Himself in Protest against Wife

08.19.2004 Dutch Consider Ban on Toe-Licking

08.22.2004 Serial Sex Attacker Wins Lotto

08.23.2004 Sex Stings Waste Time and Tax Dollars

08.24.2004 Museum of Sex for Protestors

08.25.2004 Six Beat Up Peeping Tom

08.26.2004 The New Cuddling Craze

08.29.2004 Cat Burglar with a Wool Fetish

08.30.2004 Autoerotic Fatalities with Power Hydraulics

08.31.2004 Guerilla Queer Bar Takeover

09.01.2004 Hosting Migration

09.02.2004 Dildo Alert

09.05.2004 Lots of Sex at Work

09.06.2004 Consenting Relations

09.07.2004 Frum Frenzy

09.08.2004 Snake Wine

09.09.2004 Professor Splits Hairs over Pubic Profiles

09.12.2004 Girls Forced To Spread Fat Rolls In Strip Search

09.13.2004 Schwarzenegger Outlaws Sex with Corpses

09.14.2004 Mall Sex Sting

09.16.2004 Indian Girl Given Hormones for Sex Trade

09.17.2004 New Computer Virus for Voyeurs

09.19.2004 Cows and Homosexuality

09.20.2004 Lab Tech Gropes New Moms

09.21.2004 Jokers Force Pastor to Rename Chapel

09.22.2004 Truth or Dare — or Jail!

09.23.2004 Man Accused of Sex with Chicken

09.26.2004 Pimp and Ho Kids

09.27.2004 Manhood Manhunt

09.28.2004 Cacodemonomania

09.29.2004 Pizza Pubes for Police

09.30.2004 Embalming Fluid Is New Date-Rape Drug

10.03.2004 Boys, Ages 11 to 13, Accused in Sex Assault on Woman, 79

10.04.2004 Man Charged after Demanding Soiled Underwear

10.05.2004 Fiery Lust of a Stinky Sex Sicko

10.06.2004 Hooker Book Club

10.07.2004 Women Raped ‘Long Distance’

10.10.2004 Dog Feasts on Owner’s Penis

10.11.2004 Britney’s Panties

10.11.2004 Britain’s Worst Pedophile

10.13.2004 “I Gave It a Wank”

10.14.2004 First Grader Punished for ‘Exposure’

10.17.2004 Man Tax

10.18.2004 Vaseline Vandal

10.19.2004 GOP Happier with Sex Than Dems

10.20.2004 Woman Accused Of Selling Vibrator Disguised As Duck

10.21.2004 Confessions of an Unrepentant John

10.24.2004 Swearing Can Make Men Impotent

10.25.2004 Sex-Mad Deer Kills a Farmer

10.26.2004 Breast Implants Getting Popular — with Men

10.27.2004 Kinky Shrink Is ReVOLTing

10.28.2004 Sex Crime Strangest Yet

10.31.2004 Mob Attacks Men Accused of Gang-Raping Dog

11.01.2004 Sex in the Iraqi Occupation

11.02.2004 ‘We Cannot Make Your Wife Have Sex with You’

11.03.2004 Peeping Tom Filter for Phones

11.04.2004 Is Prostitution a Male Right?

11.07.2004 The Lump and the Cult

11.08.2004 “Impotent” Pedo

11.09.2004 Why My Boobies Are a Threat to National Security

11.10.2004 Call for Ban on Animal Sex Toys

11.11.2004 Sex Workers Get Back Pain Advice

11.14.2004 A Chinese Has 19.3 Sex Partners

11.15.2004 Peeper in the Ceiling

11.16.2004 Fake Cop Trying To Get Women To Undress

11.17.2004 No Sex Please, We Are Zittish

11.18.2004 Man Gives Out Porn on Halloween

11.21.2004 Mom Breastfeeds Puppy

11.22.2004 Thai Man Cuts Off Teens’ Penises

11.23.2004 Teacher Got Sick Sex Kick

11.24.2004 A Million Child Sex Images Seized

11.25.2004 Women Say Airport Pat-Downs Are a Humiliation

11.28.2004 Obesity No Good for Sex

11.29.2004 Madonna Doesn’t Want Daughter to Follow in Her Footsteps

11.30.2004 17th Century Porn on the Block

12.01.2004 Saudi Sex Change

12.02.2004 Vaginal Plastic Surgery

12.05.2004 Doctorate Could Justify Child Sex

12.06.2004 Tokyo Police Crack Down on Sex Ads

12.07.2004 Baseball’s Hottest Wife

12.08.2004 Sex Workers Get Business Support From Families

12.09.2004 Diet Pills Increase Chance of Lesbian Child

12.12.2004 Sex Crimes: Do Punishments Fit?

12.13.2004 Hot Laptops Could Cook Men’s Fertility

12.14.2004 VT Governor Wants to Banish Nude Statue

12.15.2004 Porn Catches Rural Areas Off-Guard

12.16.2004 Sex Offenders Caught in the Anti-Terror Net

12.19.2004 Priest Convicted of Indecent Assault

12.20.2004 Breakfast of Champions

12.21.2004 Legal Ethics

12.22.2004 eBay Protests Exec’s Arrest Over Sex Tape Listing

12.23.2004 Teens Catch Molester On Video

12.26.2004 More Balls Than Brains

12.27.2004 PETA Sexy Santa

12.28.2004 Weight-Loss Technique Spurs Sex-Assault Charge

12.29.2004 City Man Faces Charge of Having Sex with Dog

12.30.2004 Reporter Poses as Hooker in Sting

12.31.2004 Sex and the Tsunami

01.03.2005 Stiffing TelCo on Massive Phone Sex Bill

01.04.2005 Man Died Trying Leather Mask And Sex Drug

01.05.2005 Dog Digs Up Photos of Child Sex Abuse

01.06.2005 Cops Hunt M&M Perv

01.09.2005 Hookers Relish Wieners

01.10.2005 Masturbating Boys Cause A Stir

01.11.2005 Man Charged for Allegedly Sodomizing Dog

01.12.2005 Underground Economy

01.13.2005 Hooker Turned in John After Seeing Child Porn at His Home

01.16.2005 Killed for Losing Her Virginity

01.17.2005 Sex Offenders Face Lie Detector Tests

01.18.2005 AIDS Is Contracted through Amoral Sex

01.19.2005 The Gay Bomb

01.20.2005 Dutch Animal Sex Trial

01.23.2005 Hi Dad, I’m Your Hooker

01.24.2005 Priest’s Kid Porn on Train

01.25.2005 Now It’s .sex

01.26.2005 Parrot Squawks Mistress’s Name to Man’s Wife

01.27.2005 Al Goldstein: From Broads to Bagels

01.30.2005 Why Do Women Flash Their Boobs?

01.31.2005 Gitmo Soldier Details Sexual Tactics

02.01.2005 Abusing Somebody in a Different Room

02.02.2005 Hubby Does It Doggy Style

02.03.2005 Viagra And Shopping Don’t Mix

02.06.2005 High School Sex Map

02.07.2005 Developer Sues Sex Offender on Sales Loss

02.08.2005 Kiddie Porn without the Kid

02.09.2005 Mad Pedo Screws Dog

02.10.2005 Judge Kicked for Masturbating

02.13.2005 Unsafe Fisting

02.14.2005 The Gentle People

02.15.2005 Woman Tears Off Ex’s Testicle in Party Rage

02.16.2005 Sex Offender Uses Registry to Look for Dates

02.17.2005 Three Little Bestiality Stories

02.20.2005 Does Size Matter?

02.21.2005 Pedo Can’t Be Locked Up

02.22.2005 Nazi Party Rejects Jacko’s Membership Bid

02.23.2005 The Singing Protective

02.24.2005 Dead Man’s Shuffle

02.27.2005 From the Strip Bar to the Farm

02.28.2005 Breasts Reveal Personality

03.01.2005 NOTE: Site Maintenance

03.01.2005 Turkish Prisoners Made Hole in Cell Wall to Produce Third Inmate

03.03.2005 FBI Targets NAMBLA

03.03.2005 An Acceptable Career?

03.06.2005 Animal Sex Offender Gets Hard Time from Public

03.07.2005 The Video Sex Game

03.08.2005 HIV Positive Sex Beast Raped Own Mum

03.09.2005 Valium and Buckfast

03.10.2005 You Have an Rx for that Vibrator?

03.13.2005 PervScan Rebuilt

03.14.2005 Man Charged with Assault on Sheep

03.15.2005 Frosted Brownies

03.16.2005 A Novel Defense of Prostitution

03.17.2005 Flasher Sent Sex Pictures Via Mobile Phone

03.20.2005 Online Personal for Killer Rapist

03.21.2005 Invisibility Requires Celibacy

03.22.2005 Compassionate Sex with Dogs

03.23.2005 VIP Orgy

03.24.2005 Sexy Yawns

03.27.2005 No More Hairy Bottoms

03.28.2005 Department Head Visited 24,000 Porno Sites

03.29.2005 Profile of a Criminal Foot Fetishist

03.30.2005 Woman Jailed for 13-Year-Old Girl’s Rape

03.31.2005 Man Arrested for Posting Phone Number on Bathroom Wall

04.03.2005 Man Arrested for Sex with Uncle’s Goat

04.04.2005 Man Exposes Himself to Girls at 2 Wal-Marts

04.05.2005 Man Tries to Fool Breathalyzer with Feces in Mouth

04.06.2005 Japan’s Virgin Wives Turn to Sex Volunteers

04.10.2005 From Air Rage to Air Rape

04.11.2005 Mailbag: Hello, What Is Kiddie Porn?

04.12.2005 411 Costs More Than Phone Sex

04.13.2005 Gummy Bear Implants

04.14.2005 Girl Held for Sex with Dog

04.17.2005 Hooker Malls in Hungary

04.18.2005 Porn Buddy

04.19.2005 Princeton Student Arrested for Snatching Locks

04.20.2005 God Wants You to Have Good Sex

04.21.2005 Japan Women Get Own Subway Cars

04.24.2005 Man Admits Leaving Photos of Genitals on Cars

04.25.2005 MP Arrested For Sexual Assault on His Pet Dog

04.26.2005 Raped at Wendy’s

04.27.2005 Mailbag: In Defense of the Manhattan Madam

04.28.2005 Man and Sister Charged with Incest in Trafford

05.02.2005 For Asian Women ‘Fetish’ Not Benign

05.02.2005 Youths Used Sex Shop Uniforms to Pose As Cops

05.03.2005 Pink Plates Proposed for Sex Offenders

05.04.2005 Valley Man Accused of Having Sex with His Dog

05.05.2005 Stiff Competition for Cast

05.08.2005 Sifting Clues to an Unsmiling Girl

05.09.2005 FDA Seeks Ban on Gay Sperm Donors

05.10.2005 Mailbag: Masturbate-a-Thon

05.11.2005 Text Messages Offer Girl Sex Job

05.12.2005 Anara Gupta Porn Video Saga

05.13.2005 Cyber Slave Driver

05.16.2005 Yahoo Sued over Child Porn Site

05.17.2005 He Loves Lucy the Dog

05.18.2005 Sex-Starved Boy Rapes Mother

05.19.2005 Thirteen State Employees Fired for Sending Lewd Emails

05.22.2005 Molestor Mania in Florida

05.23.2005 Upskirt Subway Camera Causes Bomb Scare

05.24.2005 Lover in Closet Kills Husband

05.25.2005 Mailbag: More Masturbate-a-Thons

05.26.2005 Labourer Jailed for Having Sex with Fowl

05.30.2005 FTC Crackdown on ‘Lonely Housewives’ Spam

05.31.2005 Rare Sex Toys Stolen from Brothel Museum

06.01.2005 Sex Offenders Tracked by Satellite

06.02.2005 All Girls Are Good to Look at

06.03.2005 Mailbag: Casting Call for UK Pervs

06.05.2005 Litigious Pornographer Sues Google

06.06.2005 Ofcom Says OK to Sex with Animals

06.07.2005 Why .xxx Is a Bad, Ineffective Idea

06.08.2005 Sketch of Michael Jackson’s Penis Posted on the Internet

06.09.2005 A Verbal Aphrodisiac Cocktail

06.12.2005 Anti-Rape Device

06.13.2005 Mixed-Gender Pornography Boosts Sperm Quality

06.15.2005 Boy Admits to Bestiality before Rape

06.15.2005 Mailbag: Ms World Leather Charity Auction

06.16.2005 Baby Man

06.19.2005 Stripping Becomes Big Business in Manhattan

06.20.2005 Lindsay Lohan Digital Breast Reduction

06.21.2005 Lovely Home, Shame about the Homicidal Former Tenant

06.22.2005 Mailbag: Marquis de Sade Literary Society

06.23.2005 The Devil Told Me to Have Sex with Sheep

06.26.2005 Molester Suspected in 36,000 Abuse Cases

06.27.2005 Yahoo Shuts Chat Rooms After Child-Porn Report

06.28.2005 Bomb Squad Called To Defective Sex Toy

06.29.2005 Septuagenarian Admits Gay Sex Assault on Teenager

06.30.2005 Indian University Bars Miniskirts to Deter Rape

07.04.2005 What’s Obscene? Is There a Lawyer in the House?

07.05.2005 Man Arrested for Hiding in Outhouse Toilet

07.06.2005 He Grabbed Girl’s Arm And Now He’s a Sex Offender

07.07.2005 Foot Fetish Kidnapper

07.10.2005 Paris Hilton Pics Land Man in Court

07.11.2005 Man Arrested for Exposing Breasts

07.12.2005 Violent Video Game under Fire for Secret Sex Scenes

07.13.2005 Teen Charged with Having Sex with Younger Sister

07.14.2005 Giving the Dog a Bone

07.17.2005 Twenty Orange County Men Face Child-Porn Charges

07.18.2005 Women Find Sex Notes on Windshields

07.19.2005 Best. Phone. Sex. Ever.

07.20.2005 Man Dies after Sex with Horse

07.21.2005 Mother Arrested For Having Sex With Son’s Friend

07.24.2005 Rape Fantasy Defense

07.25.2005 Talking Dirty on Your iPod

07.26.2005 Man Found in Women’s Outhouse Says He Lost Ring

07.27.2005 Who Designs Sex Toys Anyway?

07.28.2005 Bus Driver Ignores Rape for Ten Dollars

07.31.2005 Father Kills Son, 3, for Being Gay

08.01.2005 Candidate Held In Sex Sting

08.02.2005 Son Sires Siblings

08.03.2005 Cobra Bites Man’s Testicles

08.04.2005 Man Held for Sex with Goat

08.07.2005 Dads Nod As Girls Turn Sex Workers

08.08.2005 Mortuary Sex Horror

08.09.2005 Police Chief Arrested in Sting

08.10.2005 Sex Chat Gran Charged with Fraud

08.11.2005 Two Hundred Thousand Pinoys Offering Cyber Sex

08.14.2005 Boobs Out for Charity

08.15.2005 Bunny Bugger

08.16.2005 Iraq’s Porn Dealers Risk Wrath of Religious Right

08.17.2005 ‘Victimless’ Sex Attacker to Be Sentenced

08.18.2005 Sex Ban for Nuke Staff

08.21.2005 Attentional Rubbernecking

08.22.2005 Man Charged in Homemade Porno Case

08.23.2005 One Million Homophobic Moms

08.24.2005 Chastity Belts Are on the Incline

08.25.2005 Man in Nappy Is Hunted by Police

08.28.2005 Pedophilia and Star Trek

08.29.2005 Moment of Passion Comes to a Shocking End

08.30.2005 Man Forced to Have Sex at Gunpoint

08.31.2005 Teenager in Court for Goat Sex

09.01.2005 India Rebels Making Porn Films

09.05.2005 New Orleans: Katrina, Rape, Hurricane Sex, Blame the Gays

09.06.2005 Malaysia to Spot Check Mobiles for Porn

09.07.2005 Mailbag: Shave My Pussy?

09.08.2005 Vigilante May Have Slain Sex Offenders

09.11.2005 Ex-Prof, 81, Indicted on Sex Charges

09.12.2005 Athens Man Charged with Sex Act with Dog

09.13.2005 Plans to Save Sex-Crazy Apes

09.14.2005 Mailbag: How to Report Child Pornography

09.15.2005 Streaker Causes Stir at School

09.18.2005 Neighbor Stole ID to Join Porn Sites

09.19.2005 Kate Moss Sex Scandal

09.20.2005 Mayor Offered Drugs, Cash for Sex with Minors

09.21.2005 Man Tries Sex Video to Get Protection Order Lifted

09.22.2005 Life Sentence for Sex Offender who Left Threats on Computer

09.25.2005 Dead Ringers Redux

09.26.2005 Diary of a Drug Rapist

09.27.2005 Man Was Sold for Sex by Prison Gang

09.28.2005 Licenses Required for Working at Sex-Oriented Businesses

09.29.2005 Surprise Trends In Oral Sex Demographics

10.02.2005 Sea Alert As Crew Watch Sexy Film

10.03.2005 Man Faces Dog Sex Charges

10.04.2005 Sex Visits Organised for Disabled Men

10.05.2005 Learn Sexy Walk with Pelvic Extension Frame

10.06.2005 Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Former Priest

10.09.2005 Pedophile Hanged in Iran

10.10.2005 Wandering Alzheimer’s Patient Raped, Shot

10.11.2005 Penis Microwaved

10.12.2005 Belgian Judges Say Virtual Sex Is Grounds for Divorce

10.13.2005 Suicide Bid after Sex with Goat

10.16.2005 Rape Suspect Used Other Men’s Sperm

10.17.2005 Musical Breast Implants

10.18.2005 Police Say Burglar Caught in the Act

10.19.2005 Man Steals Phone for Sex

10.21.2005 Student Suspended After Wearing Penis Costume

10.23.2005 Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Dog

10.24.2005 Hartford Man Charged With Lewd Calling Card

10.25.2005 Mom Used Son in Porn

10.26.2005 Husband in the Dock after Sex Tape Discovery

10.27.2005 Calling Real Necrophiles

10.30.2005 Necrophilia Variations

10.31.2005 Pedophile Clergy Sent to Alaska

11.02.2005 Nurse Who Flashed Her Breasts Is Struck Off

11.03.2005 Accused Pedophile’s Child-Eating Lists

11.04.2005 Suspected Voyeur Arrested Atop TV Antenna

11.06.2005 Penis Size Used As Defence in Trial

11.08.2005 Business Guru in Web Sex Scandal

11.08.2005 A Slap on the Wrist for Perverted Crime

11.09.2005 PervScan’s Policy on Email Addresses

11.10.2005 Serial Sex Pest Aged 72 Sent to Prison

11.14.2005 The Necrophilia Defense

11.14.2005 The Giraffe and the Panty Collector

11.15.2005 Study Finds Rural Men Often Use Condom Incorrectly

11.16.2005 Sex Mall Highlights Changing Attitudes in Mexico

11.17.2005 Man Found Naked with Mannequin

11.21.2005 iPod Sex Toy

11.22.2005 Strippers Punished for Spanking Birthday Boy

11.23.2005 Nothing Natural about “Perfect” Breasts

11.23.2005 The Broken American Male

11.27.2005 Porn Does Not Make Sex Objects

11.28.2005 Funeral Director Caught in an Online Sex Sting

11.29.2005 S&M Investors

11.30.2005 Ex-Sex Slaves’ Art

12.02.2005 Creative Spark Fuels Active Sex Life

12.04.2005 Man Pulls Truck with Penis

12.06.2005 Camera in School Bathroom

12.07.2005 Lowering the Age of Consent in the Czech Republic

12.08.2005 Woman Catches Man in Her Underwear

12.11.2005 Cutting Up a Body No Sign of Psychosis

12.12.2005 Lesbian Sex Assault

12.13.2005 Beastiality Figures Alarming

12.14.2005 Lone Protestor Heckles Worshipers

12.15.2005 Taunted Girl’s Breasts Reduced

12.18.2005 Children Had Web Access to Sex Toy Ads

12.20.2005 Fake Retard Fondles Caretakers

12.20.2005 Amish Man Pays Dearly in Sex Scam

12.21.2005 Revirgination Surgery

12.22.2005 Fetish Gear Death Riddle

12.26.2005 Baby, Take It Easy on My Penis

12.27.2005 Caustic Fluid Fetish

12.28.2005 Man Given 20 Years for Having Sex with Tot

12.29.2005 ‘Messiah’ Gave Sex Therapy Sessions

01.02.2006 Farting and Eros

01.03.2006 The Offender Is the Victim’s Victim, and Vice Versa

01.04.2006 Sex, Lies, and Mud

01.05.2006 Horse Sex Story Is Most Popular

01.09.2006 Man Admits Sex With Blind, Deaf, Terminally-Ill Girl

01.09.2006 Sober Worm Prompts Net Perv Confession

01.10.2006 Mooning Disgusting But Legal

01.11.2006 Man Guilty of Sodomizing Dog

01.12.2006 Strangled Mom and Had Sex with Her Dead Body

01.16.2006 Profiling a Gerontophile

01.18.2006 Suicide by Lolita Sex

01.18.2006 Stephen Baldwin Protests Adult Store

01.19.2006 Sex Offender Raped and Stabbed His Own Daughter

01.22.2006 A Grody Picture

01.24.2006 Panty Thief in a Toga

01.24.2006 Banker Facing Sack after Sexy Email Sent Around the World

01.25.2006 Sisters’ Sex Attacker Gets Life

01.26.2006 Huge Manhood Is a Curse

01.29.2006 Double life for Gay Murderer

01.30.2006 Peeper Had Bestiality Porn

01.31.2006 Sexual Injuries

02.01.2006 Perv Jailed for Girl’s Sex Ordeal

02.02.2006 Terms of Endearment

02.05.2006 Library Wanker

02.06.2006 Hey Prowler, Now Urine Jail

02.07.2006 SexShop Awards 2006

02.08.2006 High Court to Rule on Law Banning Sex with a Stepchild

02.09.2006 Christian Sex Toys Web Site Thriving

02.12.2006 The Hard-On Hunters

02.13.2006 Anti-Child Porn Author Climbs Lighthouse In Tiger Suit

02.14.2006 Man without Pants Leads Police on Chase

02.15.2006 Aphrodisiac Soda To Be Sold In Stores

02.16.2006 Complete Breast Is Grown from Single Stem Cell

02.20.2006 Goat Sex Hazing Incident

02.21.2006 County Officials Apologize After Library Porn Incident

02.22.2006 Lovers and liars: How many sex partners have you really had?

02.23.2006 Horse Penis and Testicles with a Chilli Dip

02.27.2006 Augmenting Self-Esteem Everywhere

02.27.2006 Foxy Felon Circle Jerk

02.28.2006 Man Hides In Bathrooms, Drinks Boys’ Urine

03.01.2006 Sudan Man Forced to Marry Goat

03.02.2006 Sex with a partner is 400% better

03.05.2006 Seville Man Is Charged in Internet Porn Sting

03.06.2006 Bestiality Week

03.08.2006 Professor Allegedly Shows Explicit Video

03.08.2006 Sheep-Sex Case Is No Laughing Matter to Area Woman

03.09.2006 The Glamorous Kitten Killer of Hangzhou

03.12.2006 A MySpace Perv

03.13.2006 Furry

03.14.2006 Bestiality Week: Closing Remarks

03.15.2006 Confession: We Had Sex with Dead Bodies

03.16.2006 Cosmetic Surgery Improves Sexual Satisfaction

03.19.2006 Palmist Reveals Sex Secret

03.20.2006 Inflatable Sex Dolls to Fight Mexican Machismo

03.21.2006 Sex in an Empty Bank

03.22.2006 Ordeal Too Short for Benefit

03.23.2006 Shreveport Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charge for Sex with Dog

03.27.2006 Man Severs Own Penis, Throws It at Officers

03.27.2006 Mustafa Shag

03.28.2006 Ex-Stripper Takes Godly Message to Unlikely Flock

03.29.2006 Baldwin Gets an Ally in Anti-Porn Fight

04.03.2006 3 Charged in Castrations in Haywood Dungeon

04.04.2006 Farmworker Jailed for Sex with Grieving Teenager

04.05.2006 Ads Offer to Swap Rent for Sex

04.06.2006 Sex Doll Factory

04.09.2006 Breaking, Entering, and Wanking

04.10.2006 40,000 Ecstasy Pills in Nine Years

04.11.2006 Hamas to Fight Porn Culture

04.12.2006 Sex in the MRI

04.13.2006 Man Mails Bomb to Surgeon He Claims Botched Penile Enlargement

04.16.2006 Man Finds Friend’s Girlfriend Dead but Desirable

04.17.2006 Wives Help Man Rape Daughters

04.19.2006 Supervisor Criticized For Racy Email

04.19.2006 Canada Post Rejects Topless Stamp

04.21.2006 Senate Seals No-Contact Sex Assault Loophole

04.23.2006 Interview with a Public Wanker

04.24.2006 Clinical Web Site May Be Target 0f Porn Seekers

04.25.2006 Measures to Deter Duppies

04.26.2006 Farmer Tells Sex Trap Tale

04.28.2006 Happy Birthday, PervScan

06.01.2006 PervScan and

06.05.2006 Man Admits NY Foot-Fetish Assaults

06.07.2006 Mr. Poe the Necro

06.11.2006 Fired for Having Sex on His Desk

06.13.2006 Pervert Licked Windows On Woman’s Car

06.18.2006 Chemical Attack On Sex Shop Called Domestic Terrorism

06.20.2006 No Sex Please, Robot, Just Clean The Floor

06.22.2006 Sex Workers Go Smart With Cards

06.25.2006 Investigators Say Teacher Offered To Pay To Watch Girls Fight

06.27.2006 It’s My Dog

06.29.2006 Wimbledon Threatens Crackdown On Cleavage

07.05.2006 Operation To Remove Light Bulb From Inmate’s Anus

07.06.2006 Macro-Brothels in Spain

07.09.2006 It May Be Rational To Ease Penalties For Sex Crimes

07.12.2006 Kitty Fiddling

07.13.2006 Bugs the Least of Porn Producers’ Problems

07.17.2006 Small Sex Offender Is Big Risk

07.18.2006 Can I Marry A Cow, Please?

07.21.2006 Former Coroner Avoids Jail In Sex Crime Case

07.23.2006 Enlarging Breasts on TV? Well, OK

07.25.2006 Vampire Fan Charged With Cemetery Rape

07.27.2006 Driver Faces Sex Charges

07.30.2006 From Suicide Pact to Necrophilia

08.01.2006 Women Wake Up To Naked Intruder

08.03.2006 Overly Affectionate Couple Caused Crash

08.06.2006 Men Fight Sex Offender Charge After Sex In Park

08.08.2006 S&M Killer Teens

08.10.2006 Kurd Couple killed for 6 Minute Sex Video

08.13.2006 Man Nabbed For Sex With Corpse

08.15.2006 Homosexual Rapist Wanted Sex With Woman

08.17.2006 JonBenet Ramsey Suspect Arrested

08.20.2006 Breast Implants Saves Woman After Hezbollah Attack

08.22.2006 Ugandan Police Arrests Sodomiser, As Crime Increases

08.24.2006 Mailbag: How to Get a Sex Change

08.27.2006 Are You Sure You Want To Remove That?

08.29.2006 Man Charged After Telling Airport Security His Penis Pump Was a Bomb

08.31.2006 Police Crack Down On Striptease Funerals

09.05.2006 Rapist Believed He Was Ozzy

09.08.2006 Cops Say Grave Robbers Had Sex On Their Minds

09.10.2006 400 Pages of John Mark Karr’s Emails

09.13.2006 Gang Rape in Milwaukee

09.14.2006 Voyeur Filmed Run Women In Bushes

09.18.2006 Let’s Form Flash Mob To Rape Women

09.19.2006 Animal Bordellos Draw Norwegians

09.21.2006 Woman Charged For Chopping Late Hubby’s Manhood As Souvenir

09.24.2006 Border Insecurity

09.26.2006 Court Says 25,500 Euros Is Too Much To Fondle Bosom

09.29.2006 Police Investigate ‘Bizarre’ Foot Licking At Wal-Mart

10.01.2006 Child Killer Literally A Marked Man

10.04.2006 Teenager Who Couldn’t Lose His Virginity Hangs Himself

10.05.2006 Women Become Sexually Aroused As Quickly As Men

10.09.2006 Peeing in the News

10.10.2006 Death for Child Rape

10.12.2006 Woman Joins Small Club Of Consecrated Virgins

10.15.2006 Why Isn’t Pubic Hair The Same Colour As Hair On Your Head?

10.17.2006 Do Anti-Prostitution Laws Protect Sex Dolls?

10.19.2006 Lightning Exits Woman’s Bottom

10.23.2006 Court Says Yes To Breasts

10.25.2006 Man Could Be Charged Under New Bestiality Law

10.26.2006 Gerontophilia Is Revenge Not Desire

10.29.2006 Man Does Dead Dog

10.31.2006 Girl’s Breast Removed after Body Piercing Went Wrong

11.02.2006 Subliminal Nude Pictures Focus Attention

11.05.2006 Naked Man Arrested On Weapon Charge

11.07.2006 Man Nabbed In Live Web Sex Assault

11.09.2006 Court Says Consensual Sex Can’t Become Rape

11.12.2006 Man Ordered To Wear Sex Offender T-Shirt

11.14.2006 Terror And Trauma Caught On Film

11.17.2006 Paedo Hid Under Girl’s Bed

11.19.2006 Deer Assault Case Presents Unusual Issues

11.21.2006 Chinese Farmer Gets Free Sex-Change Operation

11.26.2006 Cheese Fetish

11.28.2006 Thief Tips Off Police After Finding Child Porn During Break-In

11.30.2006 Dominatrix Alleges Bizarre Sexcapade With Cop

12.03.2006 Men Plotted Online to Rape Girl

12.05.2006 Serial Foot Groper Attacking Center City Women

12.08.2006 Tragic 60s Incest Case Shattered Lives

12.10.2006 Myspace Tries To Root Out Sex Offenders

12.12.2006 Man Tells Court Girl Had Sex With Goblins

12.15.2006 Waitresses Dressed As Naughty Nurses Rile Real RNs

12.18.2006 Pakistani Islamists Protest Against Pro-Women Law

12.20.2006 Student Ejaculates in Cafeteria Salad Dressing

12.26.2006 Underwear Theft to Be Criminalized in UK

12.28.2006 Mum Sues Over Ruined Nude Pics

12.31.2006 Doing A Solo On New Year’s Eve

01.03.2007 Woman Charged With Malicious Castration After Attacking Man’s Genitals

01.06.2007 Man Rapes Man

01.07.2007 Mailbag: Desperately Seeking Coprophilia Partner

01.09.2007 Laughing Gas Fatality

01.11.2007 Student Turns In Kiddie Porn Instead of Homework

01.14.2007 Arrest Could Bring Life For Mannequin Fetishist

01.16.2007 How to Seduce a Mac Geek

01.18.2007 Sex Gets Mucky Down On The Farm

01.21.2007 Sex Offender Applies For School As A Boy

01.23.2007 PervScan Makeover 4

01.23.2007 Shoe Camera Filmed Up Skirts

01.25.2007 Scientists Try To Turn Gay Sheep Straight

01.28.2007 Men Arrested For Murdering “Ghost” Brides

01.30.2007 Sodomized Puppy Recovering in New Jersey

02.01.2007 A Million Pounds To Give Up Sex

02.04.2007 Outcry Prompts Spa To Tear Down Phallic Fence

02.06.2007 Perv Wins Florida Lottery

02.08.2007 Porn King Rates Celeb’s Bedroom Abilities

02.11.2007 Platoon of Lesbians Could Chase Us Out of Baghdad

02.13.2007 Pee on a Bug

02.15.2007 Unclear on the Concept

02.18.2007 Why It’s Gross To Kiss Your Sister

02.20.2007 Drug-Rape Victim? Or Binge Drinker?

02.22.2007 Porn Movie Causes Trouble For Two Men

02.25.2007 Student Tells Judge How He Sliced Off Penis

02.27.2007 Former Charity President Admits She Possessed Child Pornography

03.01.2007 Dead Animal Sex Update

03.04.2007 House of Pain

03.06.2007 Perv Nabbed Printing Kiddie Porn At Library

03.08.2007 NWA Worker Accused Of Masturbating On Passenger During Flight

03.11.2007 Nudists Won’t Stand For A Filthy Beach

03.13.2007 Naked Principal Found With Sex Toys Watching Gay Porn In Office

03.15.2007 Father, Daughter Arrested In Internet Sex Crime Investigation

03.18.2007 Man Charged With Lewd Acts On Women’s Clothing At Wal-Mart

03.20.2007 A Jumbo Tusk For Scientists

03.22.2007 Customs and “Not Good Stuff”

03.25.2007 Man Rips Off Wife’s Eyes for Refusing Sex

03.27.2007 Man Allegedly Hid Camera In Shampoo Bottle

03.29.2007 Masturbating Trespasser Booted From Frat

04.01.2007 Rectal CT Rape

04.03.2007 “Man” Charged In Statutory Rape Turns Out To Be A Woman

04.05.2007 Hair Fetish Leads To Jail

04.10.2007 Man Charged With Drunken Romp in Bikini

04.12.2007 Man Dies After Sex Game Goes Wrong

04.15.2007 Airport Bathroom Hookups

04.17.2007 Calculating The Value Of Prostitution

04.19.2007 Woman Ties Up Lover And Drinks His Blood

04.22.2007 China Battles Online Porn

04.24.2007 Spanking Fetish Makes Men Happier

04.26.2007 $1 Billion “Don’t Have Sex” Campaign A Flop

04.29.2007 Captain America Assaults Woman

05.01.2007 Getting Off By Chopping Off Your Fingers And Toes

05.03.2007 The Pink Stinger

05.06.2007 Scary Vermin Fight AIDS?

05.08.2007 Transsexual Arrested After Suspected Theft Of An Indian’s Mobile Phone

05.10.2007 Happy 4th Birthday, PervScan

05.13.2007 Sex Crimes in Virtual Worlds

05.15.2007 A Two Minute Tug On The Rug

05.17.2007 Sex By Fraud Is Not Rape

05.20.2007 Rape Suspect And Mother Admit To Incestuous Relationship

05.22.2007 Porn Actress Blogs About Sex With On-Duty Trooper

05.24.2007 Man Posed As Boy To Get Child Porn

05.29.2007 Crying Over Spilled Semen

05.31.2007 Objectophilia

06.01.2007 PervScan Makeover 5

06.03.2007 Man Begs Women For A Kick In The Groin

06.05.2007 Naughty Wife Brings Cops

06.07.2007 Man Sodomized with Coconut

06.10.2007 Principal Asked Students To Write About Fellatio

06.12.2007 Piquerism in New York

06.14.2007 Purity Balls

06.17.2007 Teen Caught On Camera Sexually Abusing Horse

06.19.2007 Masturbation: Temporary Sexual Pleasure With Many Dangers

06.21.2007 Naked Couple Die From Rooftop Fall

06.24.2007 Stab Victim Continued Sex Act

06.26.2007 A Defendant Tries To Explain How His Sperm Landed Inside A Stranger

06.28.2007 Home Penis Enlargement Ends In Painful Death

07.01.2007 Immoral Monk On Pilgrimage Admits To Having Sex With A Widow

07.03.2007 Accused of Having Sex with His Bike

07.05.2007 Sex Offender Answers Door Naked

07.08.2007 Corkscrewing Pigs

07.10.2007 Therapist Had Sex with Schizo’s Other Selves

07.12.2007 Pervert Gropes Scores

07.15.2007 Pit Bull Sodomizes Boy

07.17.2007 Dolphin Voyeurs

07.19.2007 Man Rapes Woman by Convincing Her to Reenact Rape

07.22.2007 Teen Who Tried To Rape Mother Sent Text Message Threat

07.24.2007 Woman Kisses Abstract Painting

07.26.2007 Teens Charged for Butt Slaps

07.29.2007 Man Wanted To Drown Kids For Sexual Thrill

07.31.2007 Teenager Cleared Of Tramp Abuse

08.02.2007 Minister In Skirt Charged With Indecent Exposure

08.05.2007 Man Arrested For Public Sex Acts

08.07.2007 Perversion and Defection

08.09.2007 Phone Sex Bill Drives 14-Year Old Boy To Suicide

08.12.2007 Toll Records Trip Up Philanderers

08.14.2007 Accused Says He Was Just Milking Goat

08.16.2007 Maryland Schools to Teach Anal Sex and Transgenderism as Normal

08.19.2007 Deviant Saliva Fetish Led To Attack

08.21.2007 What Do Uzbek Women Think About Sex?

08.26.2007 Woman Killed By Amorous Camel

08.29.2007 10 Witness Rape, Do Nothing

08.30.2007 Corpse Abuse Alleged After Man Found Near Coffin

09.03.2007 Junky Robs Bookies with Vibrator

09.05.2007 “Can I Finish?” Asks Library Masturbator

09.06.2007 Mom Breastfeeds Pet Monkey

09.10.2007 Fat Fanny Fetish Murder

09.11.2007 Fire Ends Teens’ Attempt To Lose Virginity

09.13.2007 Peeping Tom Sues City to Get Porn Back

09.16.2007 Submitting Stories and Links

09.18.2007 Neighbors Torch Pervert’s Home, Kill Wife

09.20.2007 Man Admits Urinating On Ill Woman

09.23.2007 The Gentle Pedo

09.25.2007 The Home Video That Nobody Wanted to Watch

09.27.2007 Beast du Jour

09.30.2007 Japanese Pedo Pilfers Backpacks, Recorders, Harmonicas

10.02.2007 Hard-Hitting Ad Shows Naked Anorexic Woman

10.04.2007 Man Offered Miami Dolphins Tickets for 11-Year-Old Girl

10.07.2007 Fertility Is Sexy

10.09.2007 Interpol Unscrambles Photo To ID Pedophile

10.10.2007 Ranking the Perversions

10.14.2007 Teen Raped and Killed 99-Year-Old

10.16.2007 Mailbag: Looks Can Kill

10.18.2007 Phantom Erection after Amputation of the Penis

10.21.2007 Naked Tickler Captured

10.23.2007 Is It Rape or “Theft of Services” When You Assault a Prostitute?

10.26.2007 Shorter Height Linked To Pedophilia

10.28.2007 A Brief Hiatus

11.18.2007 PervScan Back in Action

11.20.2007 Butcher Gets Kicks Out Of Shoe Fetish

11.22.2007 Giving Thanks for Your Perversion

11.25.2007 Auto Erotic Exhibitionist Jailed

11.27.2007 Homeless Man Uses Church Phone To Call Sex Hotline

11.30.2007 “I’m A Pervert,” Says Teen Burglar

12.02.2007 The “2 Girls, 1 Cup” Phenomenon

12.04.2007 The “2 Girls, 1 Cup” Phenomenon, Part 2

12.06.2007 The “2 Girls, 1 Cup” Phenomenon, Part 3

12.09.2007 Salma Hayek: “My breasts are a present from God”

12.12.2007 Autoerotic Electrocution

12.14.2007 Diabetes and Foot Fetishism

12.16.2007 Playful Puppy Latches On To Urinating Man’s Member

12.18.2007 The “Very Complicated Request” Meme from Craigslist

12.21.2007 Woman Denies Stealing Sex Ed Book

12.23.2007 Priest Pleads Not Guilty in Nude Jogging

12.28.2007 Principal Cropped Student’s Face Onto Pornographic Images

12.31.2007 Man Had A Fetish For Teeth

01.02.2008 The Meaning of “Pervert”

01.03.2008 Pervert Fears Over Sick Theft

01.06.2008 Washroom Voyeur Snapped Photos

01.09.2008 Pedophile Asked Children To Stick Penis With Wires And Needles

01.11.2008 Man Racks Up 1,100 Charges In Alleged Rapes

01.13.2008 Serial Flasher Has Startled 16 Since 2005

01.15.2008 Free Sex at Prague Brothel Tests Taboo as Reality Romps Hit Web

01.18.2008 Waving At Girls Costs Man His Arm

01.20.2008 ACLU: Sex In Restroom Stalls Is Private

01.22.2008 Custom Videos “A New Level Of Depravity”

01.24.2008 Panty Thief Sentenced For Laundry Room Larceny

01.28.2008 Man Accused In Sex Electrocution Of Wife

01.29.2008 Former Sanitizer Of Rental Movies Is Accused Of Paying Teens For Sex

02.01.2008 Rubber Testicles On Trailer Hitch Banned

02.04.2008 Lawmakers: Public Urination Shouldn’t Lead To Sex Offender Status

02.05.2008 Dog-Lead Goths Hounded Off Bus

02.08.2008 Man Had Sex With Victim’s Body

02.10.2008 Rape Trainer Sentenced

02.13.2008 Denver Can Expect Prostitution Spike During Democratic National Convention

02.15.2008 Scolding Fetish Gets Man In Hot Water

02.17.2008 Mother Arrested On Abuse Charges

02.20.2008 Pedophile: Please Castrate Me

02.22.2008 Police Arrest Repeat Dog Fucker

02.24.2008 Ultrasound Nails Location Of The Elusive G Spot

02.26.2008 Man Moans Because Inflatable Doll Doesn’t

02.28.2008 Women Who Love Fat Men

03.02.2008 From Discipline to Coercion

03.04.2008 Cyclophilia

03.06.2008 Sicko’s Sex With A Henry Hoover

03.09.2008 Woman Accused Of Chili Pepper Sex Assault On Teen

03.11.2008 Neighbors Put Kibosh on Obscene Lesbian Campground

03.13.2008 The Eliot Spitzer Brouhaha

03.16.2008 Man Died Filming Sex Act

03.18.2008 Man Arrested For Naked Vandalism Spree

03.20.2008 Hobby Lobby Manager Faked Sex Assault

03.23.2008 Horror Panegyric

03.27.2008 Couple Broke Into Church To Have Sex On Altar

03.30.2008 Man Claims He Was Molested by Bigfoot

04.01.2008 Appendix Removed Through Vagina

04.03.2008 Chloroform Death During Sex Act

04.06.2008 Man Groped Deceased’s Sister At Memorial

04.08.2008 The Whizzinator as Sex Toy

04.10.2008 Man Jailed In Sperm Swindle

04.13.2008 Leno Apologizes For Homophobic Comment

04.15.2008 Marilyn Monroe Sex Film

04.17.2008 Two Years For Man Who Molested Niece

04.20.2008 New Spam Outbreak Says It Has Seen You Naked

04.22.2008 Rape Victim “Too Grubby” For Care

04.24.2008 Gesundheit? That’s Hot

04.27.2008 Perv Freed To Live Next To Victim

04.29.2008 The Duration of the Best Sex

05.01.2008 When Does Kinky Porn Become Illegal?

05.04.2008 ‘Sex Pest’ Seal Attacks Penguin

05.06.2008 Walk in a Punter, Walk out a Rapist

05.08.2008 Fritzl On Incest, Hitler And “My Proper Family” In The Cellar

05.11.2008 Naked Intruder Uses Shower, Clothes, Toilet

05.13.2008 Pair Accused Of Making Child Dominatrix

05.15.2008 Lab Technician Admits Necrophilia

05.18.2008 Queer Chicks and Fag Porn

05.20.2008 13 Year Old Steals Dad’s Credit Card to Buy Hookers

05.22.2008 Porn Viewer Blames Search Engines

05.27.2008 Happy 5th Birthday to PervScan

05.29.2008 Plastic Mac Fetish Man Convicted

06.01.2008 Woman Charged Over Violent Rape

06.03.2008 Naked Israeli Tourist In More Trouble

06.05.2008 Art or Kiddy Porn? The Theological View

06.10.2008 Bestiality “OK If Animal Approves”

06.12.2008 Baby Born With Penis On Back

06.15.2008 Armpit Sniffer Jailed

06.17.2008 ‘Kid-Friendly’ Sex Shop Opens In New York

06.19.2008 Porn Loner Had Nappy Dress-Up Fetish

06.22.2008 Un Classifies Rape A “War Tactic”

06.24.2008 College Girls Banned From Whistling At Builders

06.26.2008 Should Psychiatric Hospital Patients Be Permitted To Have Sex?

06.29.2008 Secret Turn-Ons

07.01.2008 Saudi Marriage Official Says 1-Year-Old Brides OK

07.03.2008 Man Charged After Trying To Obtain, Drink Boys’ Urine

07.06.2008 Man Arrested For Exposure At Drive-Thru

07.08.2008 Sex Crimes in the White House

07.10.2008 Sock Fetishist Relapses

07.13.2008 US Rebate Cheques Spent On Porn

07.15.2008 Naked Barbie Doll, Porn Display Get Man Arrested

07.17.2008 Accused Of Using Bulldog To Masturbate


07.24.2008 Dogs Trained For Bestiality Get Reprieve

07.27.2008 Pantyhose Problem Plagues Neighborhood

07.29.2008 Sex Crime Linked To Morgue

07.31.2008 Will Women Pay For Sex?

08.03.2008 Body In Freezer As Man Preached

08.05.2008 Grand Jury Indicts “Underwear Researcher” On 19 Counts

08.07.2008 Sheep Abuse Suspect Has Twin Brother

08.10.2008 Public Indecency with a Claw Hammer

08.12.2008 Facebook Hell Of Young Mother After Profile Is Hijacked And Pictures Posted On Porn Website

08.14.2008 Broadcast TV A Sordid Hive Of Fornication And Adultery

08.17.2008 Porn Claims Outrage Kafka Scholars

08.21.2008 ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Abuse

08.24.2008 Agents Can Seize Penis Rings At Borders

09.02.2008 One-Legged Hooker Slain

09.04.2008 Covington Jaywalker Turns To Mooning After Ticket

09.07.2008 Man Forces Boy to Watch Dog Sex

09.09.2008 Arse Elektronika: Do Androids Sleep With Electric Sheep?

09.11.2008 Gullible Kiddy Porn Fan Busted

09.14.2008 Wiggle While You Walk

09.16.2008 Court Says Police Illegally Taped Nursing Home Sex

09.18.2008 Medium Denies Oral Sex With Autistic Man

09.21.2008 Fish Slips Into 14-Year-Old Indian Boy’s Penis

09.23.2008 Boulder Police Investigate Random Gropings

09.25.2008 Pics of Jamie Lynn Spears Breastfeeding = Child Pornography?

09.28.2008 Sadistic Introduction to a Masochistic Book

10.02.2008 Archbishop Cites Sheep Sex Arrest As Proof Of Britain’s Moral Decline

10.05.2008 Cop, Girlfriend Faces 45 Charges Of Sexual Assault On Girls, Cows

10.07.2008 Removing Breasts and Cooking Testicles

10.09.2008 Man Shoots Himself In Arm After Being Denied Sex

10.12.2008 Man Shot Prostitute In The Back Because She Got Tired

10.14.2008 Sarah Palin Sex Doll Now On Sale

10.16.2008 English Chaplain’s Blog Is Tasteless And Sick

10.20.2008 Church Burns Porn Found At Drive-In

10.21.2008 You’ve Got Mail — and an STD

10.23.2008 Pregnant Woman Attack

10.26.2008 Man Urinates On Dog After Owner Spurns Sex

10.29.2008 Careworkers Allegedly Ordered To Masturbate Intellectually Impaired Clients

10.30.2008 Fury Over Cat Eating Festival

11.03.2008 Cow Delivers “Human Baby”

11.04.2008 Nudists Won’t Get Own Polling Site

11.09.2008 Panty News!

11.11.2008 Craigslist Launches Crackdown On Prostitution Ads

11.13.2008 Transgender Man Elected Mayor

11.16.2008 Bottom Fetish Man Jailed After Targeting Lone Women

11.18.2008 Overweight Women More Likely To Report Ever Having Sex With A Man

11.20.2008 The Testicle of Adolf Hitler

11.23.2008 Designer Vaginas: Protesters Speak Out Against Labiaplasty

11.25.2008 Economic Tough Times Hit Nevada Brothel

12.02.2008 Foot Fetish Roundup

12.04.2008 Man Says Wife Was Accidentally Shot During Sex

12.07.2008 Intelligent “Have Better Sperm”

12.09.2008 Vicar Went To Hospital With Potato Stuck In Bottom

12.11.2008 The Simpsons and Child Pornography

12.14.2008 Man Jailed For Having Sex With A Horse

12.17.2008 Microscopic Lesbian Necrophilia

12.18.2008 Suspicious Wife Who Demands To Smell Husband’s Genitals Beaten

12.22.2008 Child Porn Son Follows Dad To Jail

12.29.2008 The Little-Known Dressing Room Fetish

01.05.2009 My Life With Sex-Obsessed Mini Me

01.06.2009 A Breaking-Down-The-Walls Fetish

01.09.2009 Sex With Corpse Leaves Residents Stunned

01.12.2009 Masturbation on the Morrison Bridge: 2008’s Best Police Report

01.14.2009 Deviant Twits

01.19.2009 Wealthy Men Give Women More Orgasms

01.22.2009 Girl, 17, Charged for Allegedly Having Sex with Boy, 14

01.27.2009 Man Charged With Performing Sex Act On A Lamb

01.29.2009 The Three Stooges of Child Pornography

02.02.2009 Observers Gauging Romantic Interest

02.04.2009 Iraqi Woman Had 80 Women Raped To Recruit Suicide Bombers

02.09.2009 Man Commits Suicide by Stabbing His Own Anus

02.12.2009 Suicide Pact Or Murder?

02.16.2009 Ohio Teacher Cut Class for Prostitution

02.20.2009 A Woman and Her Chimp

02.23.2009 DIY Ass Injections: A Bad Idea

02.26.2009 Scientists Find First Animal That Had Sex

03.03.2009 Jugum Penis

03.06.2009 Diaper Wearing Sex Offender Strikes Again

03.09.2009 Ex-Morgue Worker “Just a Pig”

03.12.2009 Woman Injured in Power Tool Sex Toy Encounter

03.16.2009 Lesbian Insemination Fight

03.19.2009 “My Boyfriend Is a Pedophile,” Says the Bestialist

03.23.2009 Bestiality, Incest, and Criminalization

03.26.2009 Man Accused Of Sex With Dog And Horse

03.30.2009 3 Minors Arrested For “Sexting”

04.02.2009 State Puts Porn Pervs In Sights

04.06.2009 Australian Pimp Paid Teen Prostitute With Chicken Nuggets

04.13.2009 Sex with Colostomy Opening (All About It…)

04.20.2009 Hit and Run and Rape

04.23.2009 1 Man, 1 Jar

04.27.2009 Man Beds Hen

04.30.2009 Dutch Park Installs “Gay Sex Here” Signs

05.05.2009 One Nation, Seven Sins

05.08.2009 Corpse Sex Exhibit

05.11.2009 Arrested for Sex in a Car

05.14.2009 Craigslist to Remove Erotic Ads

05.18.2009 2 Russian Tourists Challenge Florida Law Prohibiting Sex With Porcupines

05.21.2009 Bestiality in Second Life

06.01.2009 Geoperversion

06.04.2009 Truck Driver Spooked By “Pervert” At Rest Stop

06.09.2009 How Sin Takes Over

06.11.2009 Brandophilia

06.22.2009 Rapist Sells Tales of Rapes

08.07.2009 Getting Back in the Saddle with Bestiality

08.14.2009 Yawn

08.20.2009 Luckless Predator Only Attracted to Undercover Cops

09.10.2009 A New Classification of Necrophilia

10.01.2009 Flip the Sexual Orientation Switch

10.14.2009 Pictures Prompt Charge Of Abuse Of Corpse

10.22.2009 Attacker With Bottom Fetish Spreads Syringe Panic In Hong Kong

11.04.2009 Arsonist with a Manure Fetish

11.25.2009 Man Pays Teens to Spit in His Face

02.14.2010 PervScan Is Dead — Long Live Perversity Think Tank