Post-Depravity describes a near future in which perversity and normality have become identical.

Photograph of Post-Depravity and Tarot by Erik Muhs

Photograph of Post-Depravity and Tarot by Erik Muhs

“It is possibly Supervert‘s most impressive book beauty to date, judging not only from the immaculate white-and-black antiseptic look of it and the heft of it but also, obviously, from the read of it.” — Jan Herman, Arts Journal

Post-Depravity describes a near future in which people are little more than vectors for strange desires — and yet the increasing ordinariness of strange desires causes a vicious circle, degenerates striving for ever more outlandish forms of sexual gratification. The result, "post-depravity," is an impending state in which perversity and normality become identical.

Post-Depravity uses the method of a cross-sectional study, focusing on a representative population at a specific moment in time, to show the emergence of this paradoxical future. At the center of the cross-section is Dr Francis Malenkov, aka Dr God-Damn X-Ray Spex, a self-proclaimed prophet whose predictions are paradoxes: if they prove true, then they really were visions of the future; if they don't, then they were only symptoms of a new type of psychosis. Either way, Dr Malenkov exerts a galvanizing influence on a small circle of debauched followers, and Post-Depravity is the story of how these healthcare professionals utilize their expert knowledge of the human body to devise new perversions.

Post-Depravity is a dismembered novel, its parts isolated like organs harvested from a cadaver. To read it, however, is to realize that a meticulously curated set of images and terms is distributed across its vitals. Neologisms, repetitions, trigger words that connect disparate regions of text — these reverberate and resound in the brain, causing the reading experience to mirror the obsessional mindset of Dr God-Damn X-Ray Spex. In that respect, Post-Depravity is not just a diagnosis but a means of derangement, an effort to use language to induce psychosis.

Post-Depravity cover

Published in 2014
240 Pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN 978-0-9704971-3-0
5 x 7 x 5/8 inches
Perfect bound, black foil stamp on linen cover
Text printed on 80# uncoated paper



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